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Orbitz / Reservations for unexisting flights

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Let me tell you about my terrible experience with Orbitz. I bought since September a package at, to fly from Mexico to Athens, Greece with my whole family (6 people).

We received e-mail confirmation from Orbitz, and there was never any changes to the itinerary, neither by mail nor by the Orbitz website.

he day we arrived at the airport, Iberia told us our Madrid-Athens flight didn't exist. The flight was operated by Iberia (Mexicana's partner). Iberia told us this was Mexicana's fault. We went to Mexicana's offices at the airport and they told us this was Orbitz's fault.

We had to call Orbitz (long distance, from our mobile phone). It was great to hear "our call was very important to them, and please hold" for 15 mintues, while they tried to sort out the problem. Orbitz never solved anything, just told my this was Iberia's fault.
Nevertheless, in Orbitz's website there is an option called ORBITZ TRAVEL ALERTS there was never any alert describing any cancellation or change.

Finally, Iberia sorted it out and send us though Madrid-Rome-Athens with another carrier, Olympic Airlines. And they told us the return trip didn't exist either. We needed to personally arrange this in Athens, at Iberia's office.
Nice reservation job Orbitz!!!

I went to the Athens Eleftherios Venizelos airport. I spent a whole day and 60 euros) and couldn't solve a thing!

I went to Iberia's booth (since they don't have proper offices at Athens) and I was told with problem was originated by Orbitz, that they saw we had paid for the tickets, but couldn't access the system. The said the tickets were paid, but Orbitz didn't have a reservation for those tickets!!! How can this happen?

They went even further, telling us (again) the flight Orbitz "booked" didn't exist.

Iberia told us to contact Orbitz and fix the problem.
When we accessed our Orbitz webiste account, strangely enough, half of the flight (the Madrid-Athens-Madrid part) had dissapeared (even though, the alert section didn't have any alerts).

Obviously, I am not willing to pay for a long distance call from Athens to US to have a recording tell me "how important my call is".

I wrote to Orbitz Customer Service I explained my problem and asked for a solution. I was assigned this incident number:[protected]. This was their answer:
Dear Orbitz Customer,
Thank you for contacting Orbitz.
I understand you are not comfortable with the schedule change to your trip.

Schedule changes are determined by the airlines. Orbitz does not make these changes; we only monitor your reservations throughout your journey and make every effort to alert you when the airline makes a schedule change. It is important that you review the schedule change information from Orbitz to ensure they are acceptable.

Due to the detailed nature of schedule changes it is difficult to handle them through e-mail. I ask that you contact our specialized schedule change desk at [protected] if you have any further questions.


Ray Jonathan
Orbitz TLC Team
As you can see, they say this is not their fault but the airline's. Which airline??? Iberia or Mexicana? And yet again, they ask to call a 1800 number, that cannot be reached from Athens!

I wrote to them explaining this:
We are in Athens, Greece, with no way of calling you. We made an International call on the trip to Madrid, and spent 19 minutes. We will not do so again. Today, we spent 60 euros on a roundtrip to the airport to try to fix the problem. Iberia says its the travel agency's responsibility.

Orbitz at no time contacted us and informed us of any changes on the schedule. We arrived at the airport and there wasn't any flight, so they send us through Olympic Airlines via Rome. This was not solved for the return.

We have no reservation number, and that's your fault. Iberia says the tickets are paid, without a reservation. Since we paid Orbitz for our trip, we expect Orbitz to fix any problems with our schedule.

You can reach us in Athens at 30-210-xxxxxxx yyyyy Hotel, with zzzzzzz (me).
We have already spent a whole day trying to fix this, and that's not how we had planned to spend our holidays. Please solve the problem and let us know.

Thank you.
Finally, I received an answer from Orbitz that I though would solve my problems eventually:
Dear Orbitz Customer,
Thank you for contacting Orbitz.
I understand you would not be able to call to make the changes.

I have forwarded your issue to a supervisor and you should expect a response within 24 hours. I apologize for any inconvenience caused and appreciate your patience while this matter is examined. When we do learn of a problem, Orbitz takes immediate action to prevent any future disappointing experiences for our customers.

Orbitz TLC Team
That was received from Orbitz on Fri, 26 Dec 2008 12:37:44 -0600
It is now almost Mon, 29 Dec 2008 and we still haven't heard from them.

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  • Lo
      26th of Mar, 2009
    +1 Votes

    A friend has experienced same problems with Or[censored]... Orbitz!! This company is Mafia Pure and should be closed by government!! They realy sell tickets on flights that do not exist. For example: Costa Rica via Mexiko to Toronto: Schedule from Orbitz: San Jose 8:00 A.M. - Mexiko arriving 10:45, conection flight from Mexiko to Toronto leaving 8:30 A.M. same day, 2 hours before you arrive there!!! They say that Mexicana has changed flights, which is 100% not true!!! Orbitz Call center are trained to keep customers for hours in line and telling them ###!! Thank you to Mexicana Airport Managers, that finaly could help my friend with changing flights and upgrading to first class, to compensate ORBITZ trouble for passenger!!!

    DO NEVER BUY AIRLINE TICKETS FROM ORBITZ - ITS 100% proofed a criminal company!!! Airlines should stop all business with this MAFIA in Chikago! STOP CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES FROM ORBITZ NOW!! YES WE CAN!!

  • Yu
      5th of Aug, 2010
    0 Votes

    Never will I ever use Orbitz again! This service was so poor and was NOT worth the money that was spent. I took a flight from Chicago to San Diego, CA on Delta Airlines. Orbitz assured us in writing that there were no fee for baggage check because we used their services of course DELTA airlines disagreed and we were charged. Although the airplane was not full our seats were the last seats in the back of the airplane next to the bathroom that smelled awful. Orbitz first instructed us that our flight would be non-stop but upon retrieving our tickets at the airport we were told that there was a stop from Chicago to Detroit Michigan with a 3 hour lay-over and from Detroit we would fly to San Diego, Ca. Same thing coming back, a 3 hour layover for a trip that only takes 4to 5 hours actually took almost 10 hours! Orbitz is a complete rip-off and I have contacted the better business bureau and the U.S. Government because the only way Orbitz will cease their unscrupulous behavior is if they are constantly reported as well as consumer awareness. I will definitely spread the word about Orbitz and had I known this company was from mafia and money driven apes that comprise 99.9% of Chicago I would have NEVER utilized their non services in the first place! Consumers in the U.S. and overseas will be forewarned! Thanks for this site!!!

  • Ad
      11th of Jul, 2011
    0 Votes

    The scenario laid out here is EXACTLY what we have experienced!!! When we landed in canada to catch out connecting flight, we were told that even though we had paid, there were no seats for us. And now we have finally made it to Europe for vacation, our son has had to have emergency surgery for his appendix and will not be released until a day after our scheduled departure. Therefore we need to change our flight to depart several days later. We have been in connect with the Orbtiz call center (full of very unhelpful Indians), who insist that the problem lay with the airlines and not orbitz itself. The airlines assure us that if they were allowed access to our flight details they would be more than happy to change it, BUT ORBITZ WILL NOT LET THE INDPENDENT AIRLINES CHANGE OUR TICKETS TO A LATER DATE AND ORBITZ REFUSE TO CHANGE THEM ASWELL. The phone bill from my hotel (for 5 hours on the phone, running in circles will cost me a mini fortune) and has achieved nothing. Very poor show Orbitz. Sincerely, A very disgrunteled customer.

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