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I had serious doubts in writing to you... I'm not sure if anyone is interested, but I believe that you should be interested about the Opel image in my country - Romania. It all started in may 2005 when I decided it was time to buy my first car... I went to the bank, I contracted a loan, I went to an Opel dealer and I was charmed by an Opel Astra Classic 1.6V Twinport. I was told that I should wait for three months in order for my car to be delivered... I was too excited about the car to say that I wouldn't wait. The three months passed and in august 2007 I was called to go and pick up my car. I didn't know that I shouldn't accept the car if there was a scratch on the Air Conditioning Console... as I said, I wanted to leave from the dealer in my car...

Everything was great till I drove up to 3.000 KM, when I felt that the car was not acting normal... I went to the Opel service where, to my surprise, the car had serious trouble and they had to change the shock absorber (damper) from the back-side of the car. When the car had 8.000 KM I had trouble starting it and I had to go again to the service where they changed the electromotor. Till now I had other problems too as: a button related to the electrical mirrors jumped out, the rear windshield cleaner stopped working, and a few days ago I had the best one yet: I couldn't start my car because the key didn't want to rotate... so, I had to call the service to jump-start my car to drive it to the service where they told me that the key lock is broken.

After all of these I feel the need to sell my car because it cased me only trouble since I bought it - i'm still paying at the bank loan - and it gave me no satisfaction driving it... Now, as I look back I realize that I had great expectations form Opel and all it gave me was great disappointment.

With sincere regrets,
A former Opel customer

P.S. The Opel dealer and service is Opel DiBas - Bucharest, Romania

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  • Da
      Oct 26, 2007


    I have an Opel Vectra bought this summer from Opel Erebus which is in service for a month now for some minor scratches. I find it amazing that the guys from the service always find excuses each time I call to check if my car is finished. The last one was that they had ordered one handle and that it had not come yet. I have no words to describe my anger and frustration. Is it possible for an order like this to take a month? Is this happening only in Romania?

    Thank you.

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  • Di
      Nov 11, 2007

    I know what it is to be serviced by technicians from Opel. I drive an Opel Enjoy 1.6. Getting faults repaired or rectified with these guys is a difficulty especially when the themselves cannot understand what he customer is telling them. They only realize the fault when it is to late... and according to them they cannot cover the warranty. For example I have been complaining about my vehicles performance from the third day I took ownership of it. Shocks back and front were changed on two occasions, sensors repaired and alignments done - I don't know how many times and further to this they don't worry about safety. My vehicle was delivered to me without a Pre-Delivery inspection even being done. The veclice sways on windy days and the drive is terrible. I am so disappointed in the entire GSM groups handling of my situation that I think the entire organization stinks.

    My vehicle has faulty tires or rims but no one wants to accept responsibility for the fault. GSM passes it over to Bridgestone and vice versa. Then the reason for not being able to cover the tires is that it has about 40% life left on it. I had complained when the tires were brand new and no technician at Opel could figure out the problem until it started to show. The tire stared to split in the centre. A brand new tire. At that time Bridgestone refused to accept that the tires were faulty and blamed Opel. The problem is that I am stuck with an Opel vehicle that cannot be driven safely over 125KM per hour. And this vehicle is supposed to be built for comfort... My...

    I believe that all these vehicles are import and come with tires made in Poland. The question is are these tires suitable for South African conditions. I doubt it. The sale of this vehicle proves that it is not making an impact in the South African Market. Or maybe customers of the previous Opel 200is which were so popular at one time have now turned away from this brand due to lack of support from GSM.

    How can a company that sells motor vehicles don't cover the most important component of a vehicle and that is the tires that keep it safe on the road.

    Angry Opel driver.

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