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Hi, I was singing while playing my ukulele on the video portion of Omegle. I wanted to see what people thought because I want to start a small street performance for a little extra money to put into my savings account. Everything was going well and people were actually very nice and supportive. As I was going to another person, my screen said that I got banned for inappropriate behavior. Then it sent me to an random page with a prerecorded video of a woman stripping. I immediately clicked off as I did not want to see this. After I went back onto the Omegle website there was an option for an unmonitored section. I attempted to sing and play to the people who were on this but they all were there for something else, not to listen and give their opinion. I reluctantly closed my laptop because I only managed to get about four opinions before I was banned.

Typically, I would just wait for the ban to pass and try again. But as I was going through the monitored section when I was playing, many people were doing inappropriate things. Some were masturbating, flirting, and even asking me to do very risqué things. I did not mind the compliments such as "you are very pretty." But some men said that I was "sexy." As a fifteen year old girl I should not be seeing older men being sexual with me in any kind of way.

The main problem I have with this ban was that I got banned for singing and playing my ukulele while the men and women who were masturbating and being pedophiles were not banned. I am not angry, just confused and would like an explanation.


Apr 26, 2017
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  • Ki
      May 07, 2017

    this happens to me all the time threaten to sue them if they don't remove the ban thing for good and i'll even be back

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  • Ca
      Jul 03, 2017

    Every time I start a new chat I need to complete a 'challenge' and its become really annoying and time consuming. why??
    I don't know what its for.

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  • Ro
      Aug 05, 2017

    Hey, I have the same thing as you have. Just trying to get people's reactions on my music and see what they think... Now I am banned for no reason, and there is no way to contact an admin...

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