Omegle / connection problems


For a lengthly period now (since mid July I think) i've had a problem connecting to Omegle. I keep having the "Error connecting to server. Please try again" appear. Now since I do not post any nudity or use any external sources or add-on's I have no idea what might've caused this. I live in Macedonia and while searching for the issue i've seen several others experiencing the same issue (some as well posted here). I've tried looking up your customer service address (link) but I found out you removed that. Now this is an issue I wont lie since Omegle was my go-to site for meeting new people. The only difference since this occurred that I can think off is that I visited Greece for a while. And since about the same time i've had this issue. My IP is def. not banned, even tho I do, sometimes get the captcha thing pop up (but this has been going on since I cant connect). If any of you at Omegle are reading this, please try and fix this. Cuz i've been told that even tho some ppl have this problem most are running it smoothly around the world.

Tnx, and I remain an optimist that this will clear out and solve itself

Nov 23, 2017

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