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Our internet is not working for 3 days. Technician came 2 days ago because someone elses report. The whole building not getting any signal, not even telephone line from the box on the street that what the technician found out. Everyday im getting different answers from omantel on the nr 1234 . I explained the problem also what the technician found out and told me. Nothing happenning.
No one is calling us back or do anything about our complain. Even if thats what omantel promised, they call us back within 24 hours.
Every day im calling them as i have a feeling if i wont nothing will happen.
Urgent reaction would be higly appreciated.
As we are the customer and im not willing to pay for a service what im not getting obviously. And im the one keep on chasing them ... so i believe something wrong here... im paying and not getting anything ...

May 04, 2017

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