Old Navy / unethical behaviour towards worker


The sale floor name was ashley she was black and the manager was white and short her name was peggy, that's what the cashier called her. I had came in to look for a pair of jeans and peggy was yelling at ashley on the sale floor, saying that she did a call no show, she not doing credit cards and ashley had a confused look on her face, she explained that she called in two hours before her shift and ask to speak to a manager but they were busy and that she couldn't make it, she was only trained once on cashier. Peggy seen me as a customer standing there and ashley was going to ask did I need help and peggy started again with her picking up people shifts. Ashley said she picked up people shift on a app I believe and that it take for ever for management to approve it. Ashley apologize twice during the conversation for any misunderstanding. Ashley had to start folding clothes and I just walked away but as I walked away I heard her talking to other sales floor people about the talk she had with ashley. I think this was very unprofessional one because I work in a clothing store my boss never talked to us like that he/she treat us like human being. Two. I was a customer trying to find something and peggy wouldn't stop yelling at ashley to address my needs or allow ashley to. Third that should've been something talked about in the office not on the sales floor, I know I wasn't the only person hearing what was said. Fourth, she talking about ashley to other team members that's not being a team player. I stayed in the store for 15mins, I did find ashley folding jeans I told her that she did a great job, because I have never seen a boss be that rude in my life to someone that work for them. Ashley just smiled. I just wonder how many other people complain on peggy? Or just don't because they are scared to?

I wont be shopping in this Old Navy again.

Old Navy
3505 Princeton Rd, Hamilton, OH 45011

Nov 15, 2017

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