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On 11/21/2008, my mother bought me a really nice oversize photo printer for Christmas. The reason for wanting the printer, was my upcoming baby on the way. Well, a week before Christmas, we lost the baby at 4 1/2 months. On Christmas day, my mom gave me the printer and all the attachments and said she would understand if I wanted to return it, as my intentions were to take pictures of the baby. Mom gave me the receipt to return it ($444 total bought). When I walked into the store, the Counter guy, Eric, asked for my receipt. I gave it to him. He said, OH, this was bought on a Debit card and I don't have that much money to give you, sorry. I said, Well, we gotta do something, i can't just say okay, and leave, its over $400 were talking about. Eric then said with a smirk, "oh, your past the 14 day return policy, i can only give you a gift card". I said very nicely, There must be anther option for holiday purchases? Eric said again with a smirk and a laugh, "Nope, Gift Card only." I said, "Can i talk to the, , , , , " He stopped me and while laughing said, "I am the manager". I said i wanted to talk to the store manager, he said she wasn't it, and he didn't know when she would be. Seeing i was getting nowhere, I asked for the number to corporate. Eric said, "eight hundred office max." At this point, another associate noticed Eric getting rude and loud so he walked over. This associate was very nice, and was also Erik, but with a K. Erik said, "sir, that nubmer is actually 877, office max. As i was talking to the lady from corporate filing a complaint, Eric was saying, "boy, you just screwed yourself, I'm not helping you at all now, you might as well leave." The lady from corporate couldn't believe the way he was talking to me. He continued to say, "Man, your stupid." After i finished my complaint with corporate, Erik asked Eric to go in the back and talk to him. They went in the back for a couple mins, when a female employee walked in (I think she was the actual shift manager).See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Saginaw, MI When Erik noticed her walking in, he quickly asked for her to come to the back. After a few more minutes, all 3 exited and approached me. Erik said very nicely, "Sir, I'm very sorry for the way you were treated, and we certainly strive on our customer service, and we definately don't want complaints to go to corporate, so we would like to refund you the money back on your debit card. I said thank you very much. Eric quickly and loudly said, "You don't have to be such an [censored]", The female said, "Eric, that's enough!" Eric then said, "What? He is an [censored]" I said, "Sir, I've been nothing but calm, and never once cursed at your or anybody." Eric said, "I dont' care your and [censored] and I'll say it again, your an [censored]!" Eric was pretty much screaming this, which had caught the attention of all the other customers in the store. The female stopped, and said, "You need to go in the back now! and shut the door!" Eric refused. The female demanded him to do it again. He finally went in the back. The female continued to tell me how sorry she was and that she was sending him home. Erik and her both were very apologetic. After the transaction was complete, I called corporate back, and gave another complaint about the employee Eric calling me an [censored] 4 times. They logged my complaint, which said would go to the district manager. Not sure if it will go anywhere, but who knows. And just so they know, as soon as I got to work (a fortune 500 company), I emailed my entire experience to my entire division (400 people). I received over 150 emails back from my co-workers, stating thank you for the warning and they were going to refuse to shop at Office Max due to this as well as their return policy that they didn't know about. It wasn't slander, just purely what happened. Most said they forwarded it to their friends and family. I will never shop their again and will continue to send that email to people and post my story to any web site I can find that applies, until Office Max Corporate can make this right to me.

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      Dec 31, 2008

    Why are all the complaints the same...Customer is calm and nice, store is nasty and mean...Thats because if a customer does not get thier way they accuse store and staff of being rude... This "story" sounds really over dramatic and exaggerated.

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  • Ch
      Jan 24, 2009

    Sorry to hear about your experiences with Office Max (OM), Matt.
    Well, at least no one has sworn at me , but OM will NOT get my business again. Further, I'll tell everyone to AVOID OM if they want a good exchange/return policy, good customer service, and to be treated as a valued customer.

    Why I will NOT shop with OM again:
    1. The exchange/return policy is as follows according to a telephone customer representative. If you open the merchandise and the merchandise is broken/faulty, you are allowed ONLY an exchange. If you try to return the merchandise AFTER 14 days, you MUST deal with the product manufacture. This policy is lame and with this horrible economy you would think that returns/exchanges would be more open ended.
    2. The usual phone complaint of, "on hold forever, " truly applies to OM.
    3. The customer service representatives, except for a lady named Laurie, appear DISinterested in satisfying the customer. "Sorry, this is our policy. . . I don't have the authority to . . ., " are not good enough responses. Lame again.

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  • Xa
      Feb 18, 2009

    The problem with this is this customer well never be happy or satisfied. Coming from someone who has actually worked retail. This story is highly over exaggerated and only shows what the customer saw. But dont you notice how this person doesnt mention themselves i am sure Eric was so rude as he was meant to sound. Customers in retail are about me, me, me and dont care about anything else. and the exchange/ return policy is implace for a reason. And customer's who think they are above policy are ###s. This person is someone that cant be pleased.

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  • Ro
      Jul 20, 2009

    I agree that Eric treated you horribly and you have every right to be angry, but the store manager and the other Erik were nice and returned your purchase. They, according to your account, treated you politely and professionally as you should be. Did you bother to tell your coworkers that? Don't let one bad apple ruin your experience. And for future reference most OfficeMax's will not be rude about a holiday return and an effective way to ensure lack of problems is getting a gift receipt which will allow you to return the item at any time.

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  • Av
      Apr 10, 2010

    Just because you are a cop you expect special treatment. Well you are nothing special so get over it. Sorry to hear about your baby but you are not the only person in the world that has lost a child so forget the pity party.

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  • Cn
      Feb 14, 2011

    I bought a $500 Sauder brand desk about 6 months ago at OfficeMax. The store clerk was trying to convince to buy the warranty at the time of purchase. She said it worth it when you move around if it is scratched they will fix it for you. My problem was when I called the warranty people, they asked me to send a picture of the problem to them. The image is included in this complaint below then they said it doesn't cover. I didn't have any damage by physical at all but where I put my arms on the desk when I use the desk to write; my arms touch the edge of the desktop and the finish wore off. What a cheap quality they have! The warranty don't even come out to look at it but they determined I caused the damage so it doesn't cover. Not only that they didn't even have a courtesy to call you back or email you whatsoever for many weeks until I called to check on the status.
    I just want to warn people out there ---do not buy any of their products and if you do DO NOT buy any warranty. Don't waste your money and deal with a bunch of idiots.

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