Office Depot/ Maxoffice chair causes injuries/ one star reviews deleted

I bought the WorkPro 1000 Series Mid-Back Mesh Task Chair, Black from the newly merged Office Depot/Max for Black Friday. The movable armrests have major design flaws. I've had this chair for two weeks now, and twice the armrests have pinched my pinkies so hard it drew blood and caused bruising (pic of most recent incident cheerfully included). This absolutely will happen to you at some point if you aren't very careful how you grip the armrests every single time you move them.

Additionally, the armrests are held to the rest of the chair by exactly one screw each, so they are constantly working themselves loose. Office Max/Depot doesn't allow furniture returns once assembled, and I'm just past the 14-day return period anyway, or else this thing would be back at the store and I'd have my money back.

I've tried to give the chair a one-star review on their website three times. I tried very hard to abide by their review guidelines, but three times it has been rejected.

Office Depot/ Max

Dec 15, 2014

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