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Office Depot / rebate scam

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Salesperson at office depot talks me into a brother laser printer for such and such a price. Go to the register. Oops! The credit charge is for way more? Oh yes, but all you do is fill out this paperwork and you will get a "rebate" of the rest of the money bringing the final sale price down to what you were originally told by the salesperson. Huh? Well, ok...
Hours of wasted time filling out their paperwork, clipping and cutting barcodes off boxes, photocopying of receipts. Months later, no rebate. Call. Hours on the phone on-hold, then with overseas drones explaining additional "requirements and procedures", resubmit. Still refused. Calls to local office depot, resubmit, calls to 800 #, e-mails. More excuses...
Finally I get it!! No, not the rebate. The fact that there is no rebate. This is office depot's style of "marketing" and "customer service". Some might call it bait an switch. Others would call it outright theft. Me? I call it once burned, twice smart.

If I ever spend another penny in an office depot, you have permission to shoot me.

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  • Do
      20th of Jul, 2006
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    Office Depot Rebates: I bought a combined offer for a Compaq notebook and HP printer that offered $250 in rebates. The offer was for $150 from Office Depot, $70 from HP on the notebook and $30 from HP on the combined purchase. The sale was on 5/2/06.

    I immediately complied with all aspects of the rebate offers and promptly mailed the three envelopes. Please note that I was extra cautious to comply with every requirement of the offers since I had heard that they would deny for the slightest reason. I carefully cut out the UPC's , filled in the forms properly, circled the sales information from the receipt, etc and mailed to the different addresses.

    Office Depot waited about a month then denied my submittal based on the following: 'Limit one rebate per household/business' Of course this was my first and only rebate request ever to Office Depot. When I called the number I was told that it was an error on their part and that my check would be forthcoming.. Simply a lie, they have never mailed the check. These people are simply put CROOKS.

    At the same time my requests to HP were being denied because I did not include the serial number which is a baldfaced lie since I filled in the blank with the S/N and the UPC was attached which also had the serial number.

    My advice: do not ever buy a product from these companies that has a rebate offer, they will cheat you!!

  • Mi
      3rd of Apr, 2007
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    Sub: Office Depot Rebate Failure

    On October 27, 2006, I purchased a Compaq Presario PC from Office Depot. There was a $150 rebate from Office Depot, which was what motivated the purchase. HP also offered an additional $50 rebate. I filled all the forms out correctly and mailed them in on the same day. I received the $50 rebate from HP but Office Depot never received my $150 rebate submission. A customer care agent said to resubmit the paperwork to the resubmit department and wait the recommended 90 days.

    After hearing nothing from Office Depot, I checked again to see if they received my second submission. There was no record of it arriving at the rebate center. I told the agent I could send the receipts in again. She said it was too late and there was nothing I could do to get the rebate.

    I've also submitted some minor rebates to Office Depot and never heard back from those as well. Has anyone successfully received a rebate from Office Depot?

    A poor fulfillment process is not just poor customer service but also dishonest. Unless I can get some help from Office Depot, I'll need to recommend and use a competitor.

  • Be
      11th of May, 2007
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    On December 24, 2006 we bought a Sony laptop computer at the Office Depot because it advertised a $150 rebate on the $949.99 purchase price. Soon after Christmas I tried filling out the rebate request online, but when I got to the end of the process was told that I had to mail in the request, which I did somewhere around Jan. 10, the deadline being Jan. 14, 2007.

    Since I had not received my rebate by May, I e-mailed the Office Depot. In response, they requested that I furnish them all the information regarding my claim, which I did. Their followup response was that they couldn’t find my original claim and that the rebate offer had now expired. Hence I was out the $150. WHAT A SCAM!! Ironically, they suggested “that I “continue to enjoy our fine products”.

  • Ja
      27th of Oct, 2007
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    Well you should have made copies of your receipt and all your records and the problem would be taken care of!

  • In
      21st of Dec, 2007
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    I purchased a Sony Vaio for $799 on "Cyber Monday 2007" with the promise of a $150.00 mail in rebate. I made photocopies of everything before I sent it in. I checked the status of the rebate online yesterday and it was rejected because I had the wrong UPC.
    I called, they were like "oh yeah our mistake" and resubmitted it. They are crooks. Office Depot should be ashamed. I simply can't beleive the sheer number of complaints about Office Depot rebates on the web. They basically are trying to steal your money and hope people don't make photocopies, or pick up the phone and complain.
    I will not shop Office Depot again.

  • Na
      3rd of Jan, 2008
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    I took Norton antivirus from office depot on 09/03/07 with 20$ mail in rebate. I send all the form, nothing in the status, when I call again, they are asking resubmit, Why I have to postal stamp & my efforts for nothing. I never miss anything in the USPS, till now I got all my mail in rebates except this from office depot. Office depot is selling all the laptop in the mail rebate. It looks big scam. If they don't pay at least they will make big profit for short term, not life long. I never buy anything from office depot.

    Big Scam.

  • Ro
      10th of Feb, 2008
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    On 1-20- 0 8 I got a notebook laptop. It came with a rebate. I have not get it yet.The rebare ID# 01008212 my wife has a member with yall.The noterbook laptop ,p205D-S7436. It come with a $150 rebate. We send in all the paper work to get the rebate. E-mail me and let me know why it,s taking so long to get here. This is the adderess Roger d Shipp 350 Twin City Hwy #54 Port Neches Tx 77651.

  • Ra
      8th of May, 2008
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    I purchased a HP Desktop Computer Package deal from Office Depot with a $200.00 rebate. I sent all of the proper rebate information to a Waco, Texas Rebate Center. Hewlett Packard responded with their $50.00 portion of the rebate within 45 days. This indicated to me that the Waco Center had all of the proper rebate information from me but I heard nothing from the Office Depot rebate. They say give them 60 to 90 days to respond but something told me that there was a problem when I contacted their rebate site and punched in my information and it said they had no information concerning my rebate. I then contacted the store and they had me bring all of the original purchase and rebate receipts to the store where they faxed the rebate center. No response. I finally sent a second email to the rebate center concerning this matter because they never responded to the first inquiry. They finally responded that they had no record of my purchase and I had to resend copies of all of the original information to their center. Would you have any confidence that the 3rd time would get any response? I do not. This is a fiasco of monumental proportions. I refused to file the information the third time and told them to do their job. If I get no satisfaction I will be back at the store looking for a full refund or look for other recourse.

  • Pa
      21st of Jul, 2008
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    Office Depot did not honor the $50 rebate even though the advertised price online says "Your Price After Mail-in-Savings."
    I purchased a small HP Printer advertised online at $199.99 "after-mail-in-savings." I had to order the printer over the phone using 888-GO Depot. There was no mistake; the sales rep agreed full price is $499.99 after mail-in rebates the price is $199.99. I got the HP rebate but not the Office Depot rebate. I called 866-541-0284 and spoke to 3 representatives over 3months and faxed to them what my screen looked like the day i bought the printer. Each rep said the same thing "the $50 rebate is only good in store." WOW! i said "then why are you advertising the rebate price online?" I paid full price for the printer with the idea the mail-in rebates would be honored. The day i bought the printer the sales rep over the phone even told me the paperwork for the rebates can be found in the box or online. I know $50 is not a big deal. But customers shop for the best price they can find. To me the advertised price was a complete scam. My final phone call to 866-541-0284 was a hilarious joke. The rep admitted Office Depot just wants to sell printers. They were not rude but actually cheerful. My whole experience was a complete waste of time not worth trying to save $50. Really bad regards. Really bad customer service. Really bad sales-practices. Really bad business practice. I will not buy anything from Office Depot ever again.

  • Ke
      15th of Nov, 2008
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    Just to announce, when you are having problems with your rebates and unfortunately that does happen from time to time for various reasons, get your local Office Depot manager involved. Many times they can assist in these issues to insure prompt delivery of your rebate!

  • Od
      26th of Apr, 2011
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    Yeah, it's one of the many things that Office Depot does to try and swindle money out of people. Luckily for most customers (except for people like you that were subject to the mail in rebate scam), OD tends to cheat most of its money out of its employees. If the tech associate you talked to had any decency or sense in him, he would've warned you about the mail in rebate as opposed to the instant rebate. Oh well.

  • Bi
      30th of Jun, 2015
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    Office depot rebate is a scam. You better off consider it charity contribution to the rebate center people they employed in El Paso, TX. After wasting time and stamps in filling out rebate forms, all I received after 3 months was a postcard saying rebate was invalid because I did not include a receipt. I even wasted time calling the rebate office and their explanation was the receipt did not show up when they scan my rebate submission. I purchased printing paper in April, 2015. The dollar amount of the rebate was insignificant, it was the way they operate the system that will keep me away from Office Depot. Never again !!

  • Bl
      8th of May, 2016
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    I went in to Office depot in northport, al they had a rebate on paper so I bought and was walked through how to get my rebate back through the mail. I sent my receipts in two different envelopes. I received in the mail to day on both of them a response say can't pay you because these receipts were un read able. These receipts were sent out the day I brought the product. The receipts were not messed up and so I thought I would look around to see if others were having reimbursement problems and looks like there is many. I wonder if its time to see a atty on this to verfy if they are doing this to many people.

  • Es
      10th of May, 2016
    0 Votes

    I had same experience as other consumers stated here. Bought printer paper in February 2016. Sent all applicable rebate paperwork to correct address in required time frame. No rebate. Months later received a postcard saying receipt (a duplicate supplied by OD with my purchase) was unreadable and to resubmit all materials by a deadline in 3 days. They obviously just make consumers jump thru every hoop imagineable denying them every step of the way until customers get frustrated and give up. Its time for a complaint to the appropriate federal agency or a class action lawsuit on behalf of consumers. Highway robbery!

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