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Office Depot / appalling treatment and false accusations of shoplifting

1 Tucson, AZ, United States

I went into office depot in Tucson AZ at approx 815 am at the Broadway /Craycroft location. I was greeted by one elderly employee and within minutes tailed by two more employees repeatedly asking if I was finding everything ok.I assured them i was fine and resumed my browsing. Shortly after telling the three guys in red i was perfectly ok finding what I needed ..another red shirt guy asked agsin. I politely pacified him with a few questions about the wireless headset i had come to look at. All the while i was being bombarded with eyes over my shoulder and not so subtle following i had picked up a charging backpack i was interested in. My hands were full so I set my two portable charging cords for phone on top of bag. I did have another quick question for the original guy that was mildly friendly and helpful a d went to seek him out. No luck..he was gone. When I came back to the section i was shopping in bag was gone.

  • Updated by Lauren Lady, May 24, 2018

    I went to the bathroom before checking out to hear, should I call security in a burly voice. I put e everything back including my soda and candy bc i would never spend a red cent in this God awful store after the manager Adam rudely accused me of shoplifting. He said police were on their way and I said good get them here so I can file charges of slander libel defamation of character. I waited fifteen minutes and police never showed. I asked him if all the theive s wait so politely..he never offered an apology and I can promise you I'll get one before this court case is over

May 24, 2018

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