Ocwenno notice was sent to me and my house was put up for sale

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I fired my last lawyer for negotiating with me instead of Ocwen. And was self representing. Motion for summary judgement was upheld by theJudge ignored all my arguments.

I never received a notice of the decision via email 15 days after the decision and they put up the house nor sale on 6/23-2017 with no notice to me.

I was forced to file Bankruptcy to stop the sale.

Jun 23, 2017
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  • Ti
      Jul 24, 2017

    Ocwens squirmy jellyfish like slime just keeps getting wider. I have been dealing with them in this negative way and many more as long as the federal va government to pay my disability claim, 7 years almost 8. Now that's pretty bad!!
    They know we need to live somewhere but as long as their pockets are lined with gold and suits are of the highest hand made Italian, lets not forget the cars and houses the mortgage lenders live in. The bank CEOs got a free lunch while we all had to pay for their lunch. If that $$$ that was given to the Banks for (restructuring) loans and making homes affordable (haha) was directed to the people that owned the homes and were trying to get a home, imagine where the economy would be now!! Luckily I have had the benefit of family members who are in a position to refer me to an attorney who cared and did get a mod at least (for 5 years) They did not honer any thing they agreed on and refused to signed any paperwork as to the agreements. They even agreed to a reduction of the loan from 408 to 260 well I see no evidence of that either. There for I am looking to sue them for breach of contract just to mention a few violations. I had a discovery done on my loan documents and evaluation as well as documentation from a legal firm in Ca and they drafted the suit but don't do court representation. Thank GOD again for family. I feel for all of you who are going it on your own. but I suggest going out there and just keep looking until you find a pr bono or Contingency Real Estate Attorney. They are there!! GO GET THEM. Im gonna anyone want to join?

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  • Eu
      Aug 15, 2017

    Do you have a sale date? If so, when is it? You can still apply for loss mitigation and as long as you submit a full package, they must put the foreclosure on hold and still review you for any loss mitigation.

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  • Eu
      Aug 15, 2017

    You can still submit 37 days from the Sale date.

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