Ocwen Financial Corporation / misapplied funds

I've had nothing but issues with this company. I've been on a forbearance plan initiated on late 2017. The forbearance was the best way for me to get back on track with the payments. Due to hurricane Irma, my area was declared a Federal disaster area. The forbearance plan delayed payments from October-December. Beginning January 2018 -July 2018, payments would increase to include the regular monthly payments and the 3 months delayed payments (October-December) which were spread 6 six months. Overall this would give us the opportunity to become current by July 2018 and return to our prior regular monthly mortgage payments. I was so excited when July came. I call customer service to check what the payment was. I wanted to check simply because we were on the forbearance plan for six long months. These people had the audacity to say we were 91 days behind on payments. As u can imagine this began my litany of calls to customer service. 

It appears despite the fact that there was a forbearance plan active, a trial modification was initiated by Ocwen.  A modification that I never applied for, agreed to or signed documents for. All the money I sent was credited to the modification. Let's keep in mind the amount of the so called modification that never agreed to was at least $700 less than the funds I sent. So I ask you, where is this extra money??? Is a savings account started for me on Ocwen behalf??
Out of overwhelming disappointment I Istopped dealing with the customer service representatives . It appeared to me their left hand didn't know what the right was doing. Every rep spoken with had a different story. My so called relationship manager was never available. Routing me to some overseas person. I was able to contact an ombudsman for Ocwen. He instructed not to keep any more appointment with the relationship manager.
He reviewed by account and verified the modification was a solicitation. However he refused to send me an email of our conversation. He verified I was correct but Asian would not send me an email confirming this. He stated upon review, the funds would be credited properly to my account to reflect a positive standing but for the third time he could not send me an email to confirm his statements to me.

As of today, Im basically in a state of limbo. Sending payments that I have no clue when or if they will reflect on my account.


Beyond Frustrated

Jul 31, 2018

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