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Obey Your Body / cohersion

1 Philadelphia, PA, United States Review updated:

These Obey your body people are unbelievable!!! I went to the mall to buy my daughter a pair of shoes for Thanksgiving. I had an exact amount of money on me. This guy comes up to me and says "can I ask you a question" . The next thing I knew I was in my purse taking out my money. The guy demonstrated how a few of their products worked but what I did not realize is that after each demonstration he put the product into a bag. So, by the end of it, I felt like I had to get something and I really liked how the facial peel worked. So, like I said, I was in my bag looking at how much money I had on me. Now there I am with $185.00 in my hand. I put $25 dollars aside because I knew I still needed shoes. He adds everything up and it came to $160.00. So right away I am like Oh my God $160 . He jumps right back into his performance . By this time I am feeling like I have to buy something. Then he says oh well its $160 PLUS Tax so it's going to be $180 dollars. I said I can't , I have to get my daughter shoes for the Holiday. He goes " Oh no you don't , worry about yourself for the holiday and buy yourself something that you will benefit from.
Once he said that, I snapped right out of the trance I was in and came back to reality. He practically took all my money from me then when I was left with $25 for shoes for my daughter he wanted to go right ahead and take that too! Talking about another $20 for taxes. I said you know what, if you were smart you would have left me with the money for my kid cause after all that I walked away with all my money and he was left with nothing except a dry mouth from running too long.
So that is my experience with OBEY your BODY

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  • Th
      12th of Dec, 2008
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    Galleria Mall, White Plains, NY

    It was my lady's birthday last week, and like a typical guy, I knew what I was going to do, I just waited a little late in the game to execute the plan. I was all set to buy a rather snazzy handbag... one that she spotted when we were out a few weeks ago... one which I knew existed somewhere in Rockaway, NJ. Unfortunately, I didn't know exactly what the bag was called. Nor was I 100% on what it looked like. And the catalog I had from the store that showed the bag... well, I threw that out (just to make things interesting!).

    So, here I was- mere days away from her birthday. I had about 50% of an idea of what I was doing (which is pretty good for me). I was going to chance it first at the local malls, hoping I could save a 2.5 hr. round trip of driving by spotting the handbag here, in Westchester. And if it was at Macy's, well, I had a fistful of coupons ready to use! (I'm such a smart shopper, I thought at the time).

    But seldom are things so simple. I went to the mall and quickly determined I would not find the mythical handbag in question. I was going to have to suck it up and drive to Jersey. But in a half-assed attempt at finding another store in the mall that could help me, I stopped at the directory and was accosted by a girl. An Israeli girl-- with a whole slew of skincare products that she wanted to show me. The second she said "Can I ask you a question?" I was screwed.

    Now, before I continue, let's go to the end of the story- where I went online and did some research on this company and its products. The company is called "Obey Your Body." Now, my stomach began to sink when I googled their name and the top websites had words like "coercion" and "complaints" attached to it. This is an Israeli company that hires young men and women, fresh out of the Israeli Army, to come to the States for a few months and hustle skincare products at mall kiosks. They are as precise with their sales script as they are with a rifle. They even got the best of me.

    See, I dropped a pretty penny on a bunch of skincare products for my girl. Products she wouldn't ask for... or probably need. At the time, all I could think is the stuff was good! The nail kit, the lotion, the Dead Sea Salt rub, etc. were all demonstrated on me by this girl. And (aside from her manipulating me with her speedy sales techniques) she seemed like a pretty nice kid. Her co-worker, another Israeli Army vet, came over and started complimenting me on my glasses, telling me she wanted a pair like that for herself. And when she saw my name on the credit card, she damn near exploded "You didn't tell me you are Zhhhewish!" Oy, I know, you mostly hustle goyim, I thought. At this point I knew I was played, even before she swiped my card, and I was still unable to put an end to the whole deal!

    They started in with the "Jewish discount." They knocked dozens of dollars off of things. You would think that would make me happy, right? Wrong. It was at that point that I realized I was still getting ripped off because these two kids were arbitrarily pricing things out the whole time. I tried my hand at haggling, but I've never been to Israel and I had no ###ing clue what I was doing. All I know is that what was supposed to be a quick stop by the mall became a 45 minute ordeal in which I lost all confidence in my ability to make any decisions and stand up for myself. I walked out with no handbag, just a bag full of skincare products that my girlfriend likely wouldn't want.

    So, when I got home, like I said, I did my research and found out all I needed to know about this company. It turns out that their products are quite good- but they are also overpriced at the mall. I could have purchased the same stuff at Amazon for... on average 70% less than their retail price. Crap, I thought. I gotta go back and get a refund. And those Israeli girls were not going to give in easy.

    The next day, after work, I swung by the mall. All day, in the back of my head, I rehearsed the conversation. "Does your girlfriend not like these products?" they would likely ask. "Let's give you something extra, you keep the other stuff, okay?" I stuck to the simple idea of asking for a refund and that's it. Don't be mean, don't be friendly, just be a robot trying to carry out its prime directive: refunding!

    When I got to the mall, my heart started to race a little. I went through the doors to find the girls at the kiosk. I can't be sure but I think they smiled for a tenth of a second, but when they saw my face, it was obvious why I came back. I put the bag on the counter and said "I need a refund for these products." Sure enough, the questions came, like I anticipated. I reiterated "I have no reasons other than I want my money back, thank you." The girls showed me a little sign behind the register that said "No Refunds." So, I went "nuclear" and informed them that I was an attorney, that I knew my consumer rights and I would be willing to see them in Small Claims Court if they didn't give me my money. One of the girls took out her cellphone to call her boss, and within 5 minutes, I got my refund. To their credit, these kids were always polite, even though they were pushy. But they were just doing their jobs. And today, the refund posted to my account. Now that it's over, I can joke about the whole thing.

  • Pg
      27th of Mar, 2009
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    based on everyone elses replies, I feel like I got off light, I got the nail kit and the body scrub/body butter for $97. Im a straight man, but all of these products are fantastic, I am still in shock at how great my nails are now.

  • Ib
      2nd of Jun, 2009
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    I went to the mall to go to the post office and buy some new pants, because I'm gaining weight and need some bottoms. So...

    I was just caught today. I live in Puerto Rico. There's a booth in front of the mall's post office. I had just come out and was kind of distracted trying to put my wallet in my purse and folding my green shopping bag, when suddenly, a lady asks me: "Excuse me, may I see your nails?" She said I had gorgeous nails, with which I have never agreed (even though I have been told that before by people who are not trying to sell me anything). Anyway, she started speaking to me in Spanish with an accent (because, as I said, this happened in Puerto Rico). She threw a word in English and I answered in English. She made a gesture of relief and started speaking in English until the end. From time to time, she used words in Spanish for certain things, as if that was the only way she had been trained to call something. She did speak very fast and handled me, though gently and skillfully. She said the products were from Israel, "where I am from, " she said. I then realized she strikingly resembled someone I know (and her family) who is Jewish (with deep Jewish heritage). So I didn't find any reason for not believing this. I even took pity for her. I thought: "Wow, poor Jewish girl, she is in the other side of the world and she doesn't even master the language."

    Anyway, she demonstrated the nail kit. I know this kind of product. You can even get a 4-side nail buffer for three bucks at Avon or Walgreen's. Plus ten years ago I was sold one by the Egyptian Goddess people (creams and crap sold manipulatively, but with no Dead Sea exoticism in the sales pitch). I thought, "Well, I'll buy this nail kit and everybody will be happy." But she said the kit was $40, so I became less happy. Anyway, she had already put the nail kit in a bag, and I thought I could use it, so I accepted.

    She then asked me about my skin type and how I cleaned it. The truth is, I have acne, and I have struggled with it all my life. She tried the peel on my arm and told me the flakes that were being produced were dead skin cells. I was impressed, but I didn't think I would buy it. Immediately, almost without transition, she washed my hands with the body scrub, made of oily salts, on a white porcelain bowl. She asked me when was the last time I had washed my hands, including hand sanitizer. I said three hours, maybe. She said "Now look into the bowl." I saw grey water with some flakes. She told me that was dead skin and filth. Again, I was impressed. But again, I thought I wouldn't buy it.

    I have been reading the previous comments and I've seen these sellers keep on selling. But thankfully, this seller stopped right there. She told me I needed a really good moisturizer after the scrub and the peel, and was about to offer me the butter. But I told her I had a good water-based moisturizer I trusted, and she said that was great and that then I shouldn't change brands.

    At the end, each of the 3 things she had offered me cost $40. I told her I could only take one: the nail kit. The truth is, I could take none, but I felt absorbed in the same way everybody else has felt absorbed by these people. Everybody has the right to say no, but not everybody is assertive enough to carry that message through. Some people are, plainly, easy to manipulate, or shy, or they take pity on the salesperson. There are a million reasons why one ends up buying this stuff (even when it's more expensive than you'd like). I really believed on these product's properties. Thankfully, I've read people love them even when they hate the prices and the sellers. Plus, to be frank, my acne problem bothers me so much I am willing to try things under the promise of change.

    Sooooo... I told her, just 2 things. Then she said, "Know what? I will give you the scrub." I knew she was doing it so I wouldn't refuse buying two things. By giving me a $50 item for free, she made sure I thought it would be stupid to refuse such an offer. I didn't accept because I thought it was a great deal (nearly $100 is never a good deal for me), but I can't tell you exactly why I did. People just get hypnotized. It's a real talent to be able to not become absorbed by both the seller and the results you can see with your own eyes.

    She showed me the previous sale's receipt ($197) to prove that her sales pitch didn't include giving stuff away. She said she was giving me the gift because she was confident that I would love the results and come back.

    Anyway, when I walked away with my bag full and my pocket $97-less, I felt like a fool. I even started despising the lady as an individual. I thought: "Damn girl, pushing expensive stuff under people's noses even though it may be plain they can't spend that amount." I spent the rest of my shopping being careful with how I spent money and insulting myself over and over again for being so gullible.

    As soon as I got home, I looked up "Obey Your Body." I found this thread. I have found out the products are really worth that money. Not that I have it, but maybe that's the reason I have acne: because I am not willing to pay more than $4 for a face soap. I will simply use the products I paid for and hope for the best, since there's nothing else I can do now.

  • Ma
      9th of Jul, 2009
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    I think many of you are mad because you fell victim to forceful sales tactics! No one held a gun to your head and forced you to part with your money!!! YOU HAVE THE ABILITY TO WALK AWAY AND SAY NO THANK YOU!! If you do a little online research (instead of falling prey to salesperson pitches) you can find the same products for a fraction - and I do mean a fraction - of the price on online shopping sites like They have a gift set deal for $35 that includes EIGHT pieces. You can't even get ONE thing for $35 at the mall booth.

    Angry consumers have no one to blame but yourself. You can keep walking by and you can say "no thanks." None of those salespeople stole anything from you!

  • Bi
      15th of Sep, 2009
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    Newport Mall, New Jersey. I had a guy approach me.. definitely good in the flattering department. However I've used products containing Dead Sea minerals in the past and it always worked! Almost spent $180 on 3 items, but thanks to my stubborness, the guy brought it down to $110. It's not much, but I did save $70 on great products! :)

  • Ha
      25th of Sep, 2009
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    i was at the newport mall in new jersey today too and i actually tricked one of the girls selling the products. at first, i wanted to ignore the girl at all costs but i changed my mind. because i am an improv actor, i thought of not speaking a word of english. i thought at that point she would stop tempting me but she didn't. she kept doing her act and i just kept nodding. i tried the sea salt scrub and i thought it felt nice. so i thought of buying it if it was around $20. and when she finished her act, she said i would get a free gift: a plastic bag haha so she asked for $40 for the sea salt scrub, i said in a thick accent "no money". so she said "because i like you, ill knock it down to $25" so i bought it for 25. after i bought it, i said in my normal voice "thank you so much. i actually needed that plastic bag."

  • Pa
      4th of Oct, 2009
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    my fiancee and i got suckered into buy a nail kit and body scrub...the body scrub was 50 but she was nice enough to throw in the nail kit for free...ehh...more like the other way around
    the scrub only costs a dollar...yes that's right..a dollar on i see now
    the nail kit..40...
    oh well..if my fiancee wasn't with me...who was already in a bad mood about how i never buy her things...i would have said no...but i decided...okay what the hell..make her happy...
    and i have kept the scrub for my dry hands this winter.

  • Re
      1st of Nov, 2009
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    i was at newport mall, NJ today also. i was stopped THREE times in the mall by OYB. The first one was outside of Macy's, i tried on the product, ( the ocean scrub), it really works well, my hands feels smooth. but when the sales person asked me to buy it, i said NO because i already had the product ( i lied... hehe..) the price was $40. i kept going. the i saw the second one outside of JC Penny's, another sales girl stopped me, asked me to try their product, i refused. but she said " I will give you a good deal for 25$ for the scrub" i took her words and kept going ( didn't buy it the 2nd time). then there's a third one near Mcdonald, i stopped and waited for the sales person because i want to buy the product. i was thinking about it for over 1 hour. so i stopped at the 3rd place and waited for service. at the end, i got the peeling gel because i think face is more important than body, and i can't afford both peeling gel and body scrub. she told me if i bought both, it will be $65, $40 for peeling gel, and $25 for the body scrub.. at the end i got the peeling gel for $40.. even if she said it costs 60$ after 50% off. i used the product when i reached home today, my face feels smooth, and it smells good also. i think i will use it every day for 1 week, then i will cut to twice a week. really good product and i think it's the cheapest deal i can ever find. i checked online, amazon:$ 62.97... so if anybody can find a cheaper price, please let me know.. thank you.

  • Ar
      5th of Nov, 2009
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    I am completely with everyone on this complaint. It was my own fault that I spent waaaaay more money than I meant to. I keep beating myself up now over this.

    My biggest complaint was I kept trying to ask the guy how much I was spending on everything he was ringing up. He kept giving me BS about how much I was saving with his generous gifts and promotion prices. He also made me feel very uncomfortable in that he was flirting with me and asked for my phone number and kept insisting on taking me out on a date. I gave him a fake number because as far as I was concerned, after his sale was made, I was not going to deal with him any more.

    My only wish in all of this is that I had been more assertive and just walked away with only one purchase or nothing. I should have seen through this, but these sales people are very good at what they do and they are pretty damn good at seeking out the type of people that will fall victim to their tactics.

    All I can say is be forewarned if you ever get stopped by these people in the mall. Don't fall into the same traps that we went through!!

  • Ch
      14th of Nov, 2009
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    Let me say this: The people selling Obey Your Body products just as the ones selling Pro Activ, sunglasses etc. are purchasing the products wholesale and selling them for profit at the malls. Once they purchase the products wholesale, they are on thier own and have absolutely nothing to do with the companies who sell them these products. It's actually a great little business if you can find a good product that you know will sell. Unfortunately many of those people are money hungry and extremely pushy.

  • Ch
      14th of Nov, 2009
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    Oh and one more thing, up here in NH, we have the same nationality of people that just starting aggressively selling these $250 curling irons on top of everything else and boy they do not leave you alone. You all must do your complaining to the mall management. I feel it is the malls fault for allowing their shoppers to be harrassed by these people. If enough people call and complain about being harrassed while shopping maybe they will stop renting their spaces to these people.

  • Ct
      3rd of Dec, 2009
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    $646 later I feel stupid and when I could have been spending this money on my daughter's at the mall for black friday - I was foolish and selfish and spent it on myself.. I'm ashamed :'( Plus the products are suppose to be for a year's worth... my face doesn't feel like it was worth a dime. Now my daughter and her friends are keeping this deep dark secret from my hubby so there goes more money out the door. Don't be fooled by these people you can get just as good of products for much less on QVC.

    P.S. They went up to my daughter and told her they would give her happy cream and that it would make her happy for 2 weeks and it put her in a deep depression!

  • Rd
      22nd of Dec, 2009
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    Not really complaining because I was already familiar with their M.O., but I encountered one of these salespeople today in the mall and I still can't believe how far they're willing to go to make a sale. The girl I talked to kept telling me over and over again how cute I am, asking how I could possibly be single, and even talking about how I would be taking her out to dinner! Of course, I also had to make sure I bought the products she was selling so that when we held hands my skin would be soft enough for her. All I could do was laugh...anyway, after a lot of back and forth, I did end up buying something, though she told me I drove a hard bargain. Needless to say, there aren't any dinner plans in the works...

  • Ne
      26th of Dec, 2009
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    i went to the mall in waterford, ct and this guy kept bothering me to try their products. and i usually never stop and try anything like that because i feel they will just try to rip me off but he was so pushy i felt like i had no choice but to let him demonstrate on me. after he demonstrated the body scrub, lotion, and facial peel i feel in love with the products. then he showed me the prices and they were like $100 for each. i persisantly kept saying no, no, no, no and tried walking away several time and he continously kept grabbing me. so then he whispered in my ear which one do you really like, so i felt like i had him where i wanted him so i said the facial peel and body scrub and he sold me both for $29 each so after all that i feel like i got a really good deal. now i only wish i would of got the facial lotion and shea butter.

  • At
      10th of Jan, 2010
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    I recently got suckered into one of these demos at the mall. I agree the sales people are pretty aggresive to test the products on you, but that is their job. However, the lady tested like 5 products on me and after she told me what they all cost, I simply said I dont want to spend that much right now but I will get the facial stuff and if i like it i will come back or more. She was very accepting of that and didnt try to pressure me into buying anything else. I think your experience will vary from sales person to sales person...they are not all bad

  • Ma
      19th of Mar, 2010
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    I have been lucky to be fabulously wealthy all my life. I rarely shop for myself but when I do, I am not concerned much about price and more about quality. What I liked was the demonstrations that the nice girl gave, rather than the stuffy treatment you might get in Mac or Nordstrom's. True, I spent nearly $1500 but I feel I got my money's worth.

  • St
      23rd of Mar, 2010
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    Well, Im a 20 years old, and in Automotive school right now, but I work part time as a cook in a resturant, yea yea, I know, but... I was in my local mall today, and I was trying to kill some time, (waiting to pick my brother up form work), and ovcorse my hands were messed up, because I was just at school. So anyway this BEAUTIFUL woman comes up to me and grabs my hands, and starts holding them, and tugging on my arms and hugging me, very touchy feely, not that I had a problem with that, but she was Jewish, like me, so she started talking to me about my family and stuff. It was prity werid actually, as this never happend to me before, but she even took my phone, (my bro called me, and told me what time to pick him up), and called her phone with it, because she liked me and told me I was cute, and she wanted me to call her after 9pm. After all of this, she gave me a demenstration, and told me that its normaly 100 bucks, but its on sale for 50% off, and she told me I needed to buy it, and I told her that i coulnt spend my money on that right now, and she was like, well fine, since your Jewish I will sell it to you for only 20bucks. I still did not want the product, and really could care less about it, but 10min after that, I was hugging her back, 20bucks short, and with some body lotion Im never gona use. So, after all of this, I ended up falling for her looks and not the product, I mean it did make my hands softer, but I really dont care, I have to give it to someone as a gift or something, ahhh I was thinking with my other brain if u know what I mean.

  • Mr
      17th of Apr, 2010
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    Well, I don't understand how you could be blaming the sales personnel. Yes, they get a little pushy but it is up to you to actually make the final decision regardless of how they try to convince you. I love all of their products and face the same thing every time I go to the mall, but it does not mean that I buy something every time either. Sure I try on new stuff and buy some if I think it's worth it and have the money on hand. I think they are trained very good even if it may seem like they push a bit too far, and with the products being so good it's true that people give in right away. But again, it's like blaming Starbucks for its wonderful smell which makes u buy a latter whether you had planned on it or not! Like really, for the cases of children, it's OK for parents to be concerned and asks for refunds or what's so not. But when an adult walks into the mall and buys a product and then later on complains that the sales personnel is accountable, I find that a little abnormal!
    Mo, GA

  • Cz
      7th of May, 2010
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    Hello... I am from Puerto Rico... The first time I buy this products was on December 2009. I was walking on the Monehiedra Mall and the sales man stop me and ask me if he can view my nails. I show them to him, and he take my hand and began to demostrate the Prestige Nail Kit. When I look my nail it was very shine, I can believe what I was seeing. One second later, the men put one kit in a bag and say to me it is $60.00.. I said: "Noooo, I dont have that money" ... He took his calc for offer to me a discount... then say: "Ok, it is $40.00" and I say No again... Then he say 30.00 and again I say NO... And he say "OK, for you $20.00" annddddd... I say YES... I really like the product and for my sisters' mothers day gift I decided to buy that product for both. Yesterday I went to Plaza del Sol Mall and go to the Obey Your Body kiosk... the man take my hand and shine my nail. I said to him that I come to buy a kit, and how much is it? He said $29.95 and I said that I was paid for it in Montehiedra $15 (I was lying, but I want to know how much money he could reduce) well, he said that $15.00 could not be, because his boss cant accept that... that he only can give me the product for $20.00... so I take it, I buy 2 kits for my sisters.

    The products are really good... But be carefully when you going to buy it... They always try to give you overpriced... Dont buy it at the price they give you the first time, they can allways reduce that... when you notice that they cant reduce more, continue walking to the mall and then return to the kiosk to buy at the less price they give to you...

    Sorry for my bad english... I only want to help other people :)

  • Ou
      14th of Jun, 2010
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    Yea, They got me too for around 20.00, but I had a great time talking to the sexy women. They played with my hands and wore some sexy outfits. I think I got my moneys worth...LOL

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