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I went to the mall with my daughter to exchange a christmas gift. The salesmen from obey your body grabbed me to demonstrate a nail product. over the next 5 min he didn't take a breath. He joked, he told me he was giving me things for free. He kept putting things in bags. He would pretend he was holding the reciepts for me to sign since he had my other hand holding things but he was actually making sure I didn't see the prices. Then he would give the reciepts to my daughter and say, "hold this for mommy". Then he start with the next thing. My credit card was turned down because I was at my limit so I used my debit card. He had me so confused. Then when I walked away he called his buddy at another obey your body stand in the mall and told him to watch out for me. The next guy calls me over and says john forgot to give you a spoon. Then he starts in on me. I told him my credit card was denied and he said my machine is jewish let me try it. I expected it to be turned down and thought the man would leave me alone but it went through! I walked away and said to my daughter, "I think I spent almost $300 dollars." She gave me the reciepts the first guy gave her and it totaled 927$. I almost threw up. It took me until that night to work up the courage to tell my husband. He took the the stuff back the next day unopened and John said no refunds. He lied and said I approached him. He denied calling his co-worker. I went back the next day in tears and they had me fill out a request for refund form and assured me I would get a call tomorrow. The sales girl even gave me her personal cell number. That was yesterday. No call and the cell and the customer service line have gone straight to voicemail all day. I read comments where people said it's your own fault if you get scammed. These people take advantage of people. They lie and steal from people. The second guy was literally in my wallet saying let me try the red one. The have no morals what so ever. They should be arrested. We have 4 children and can't pay our bills as it is.

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  • Je
      Apr 17, 2011

    My poor wife thought she spent about $600 on two cedit cards, when the statements came it totaled over $2800. I asked what the Hxxx she bought, Her reply "that lady said all that stuff was free". Got copies of all the receipts from capitital one and sears and it looks like she signed for all of it. The receipts she came home with did total $600 which I was already upset about. Sad part is she has not used any of it in three months ... It just sits in the bags in the closet of a spare room.

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  • Ro
      Sep 08, 2012

    I went in woodbury commons today for work then i girl called DANIELLE stopped me and introduced me the product moisture and peeling gel long story short story she will charge me ALMST $160 THEN I SAID JUST ONE I WILL GET THEN SHE SAID SHE WILL MAKE A DEAL WITH ME OFF THE RECORDS IDIOT I WAS I GOT BOTH FOR $145, , , NOW I CHECKED ONLINE AND THE PRICE IS LESS...HOW COME?IT;S THERE ANY CHANCE TO GO TO A POLICE OR SOMETHING AND STOPPED THOSE PEOPLE TO SALE THIS PRODUCT? WHY THEY HAVE TO LIE???

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