Oakley / poor warrenty/service

Foothill Ranch, CA, United States
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I bought a pair of Airbrake Ski goggles on March 1st
They came with dark lens but also HI Yellow lens.
I normally only ski when the weather is nice so have only
changed lenses a number of times last season.
I read the instructions and had the girl at the Mammoth
Mountain store show me how to change them so I’m very careful and don’t put any
pressure on the lens when changing.

However, the HI Yellow lens suffered a crack straight down the middle of the
inside portion of the lens despite the fact that they were never dropped and always in the protective case.

I took them to the Mammoth store and she told me she had see
this issue with at least 2 other pairs of the exact same goggles recently and
that it appeared to be a manufacture defect.

I called Oakley and was informed that you have a 1 year warranty
so I’m out of that time frame offered no other help or to even consider replacing them.
I would understand a 1 year warranty for products that are
used daily with heavy use but we are talking about ski goggles which only get
used on a limited basis and seasonal at that!!
The goggles and both lens are in brand new condition
Based on the condition of the lenses/goggles and given the
fact that they have only been used a handful of times I would think they would make an exception and replace the lens for me given the circumstance and limited use.



Mar 7, 2014

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