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I have received an SMS saying: - Congrats your phone No. has won 550, 000 pounds in the on going int, I phone Number draw in UK.To claim E-mail at : [protected]

The number that the SMS was send from is +[protected]

I have sent an email that include my paypal account and bank detail (but without swift code)

All I want to know if it is a spam, if there any chance with the detail I gave them I will be charge for any kind of fees?

Please reply

This just happened 5 hours ago, and I am very regret not to check in search engine first before sending an email to them

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  • Gi
      Mar 03, 2009
    O2 - Phone Charges
    England, Avon
    United Kingdom

    My husband used to have a contract in O2 which we got from Carphone Warehouse. Late December last year, they just cut him off. When we went to the Carphone Warehouse they said that the line is still live. How could it be live when there is no ring tone or watsover? We email O2 and they said they have not received it. They can't recieve email? In the meantime they keep charging us monthly bill eventhough we are not using it as you cant use it anyway. After they said that they did not receive the email. We send a letter by post. Finally, lat week late February 2017 we received a later saying that the last phone bill will be in April? How ridiculous was that? After almost 4 months of not using the phone they are going to charge us? I dont know if we have a case here but I'm just so angry. its like giving them money for free!

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  • Vi
      Mar 27, 2009

    That is ridiculous - escalate it.

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  • Sc
      May 03, 2009
    O2 - Rip off
    United States

    The only "surprise" in this top up "hook the duck" is that you usually win a prize that is no prize at all because you get something that is no use to you ie free texts when you already get free texts on the tariff you are on. This whole thing is a scam and they are misleading people. They are letting people believe you can win any prize on hooking a duck but the "prize" has already been decided when they send you a code to input before hooking a duck. I didn't collect my free texts (which I have been given 2 out of 3 times when I already have free texts) and no matter what duck you hook, the prize is always the same. Surprise is that a large company like O2 are misleading people with this scam.

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  • Ex
      Sep 30, 2009

    I have the same message yesterday but I don't believe it because I have never attend any of those lottery or whatever ... thx

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  • Ma
      Nov 05, 2009
    O2 - Awful company
    United States

    I have been a customer of O2 for 4 years. I live in London and have been travelling extensively. I have been using a blackberry account and in the last year I have made the mistake of getting an iPhone by O2. My total monthly bill has steadily increased to around GBP180-200 per month.

    However, 3 weeks ago, I took a one (1) week vacation to Egypt and took my iPhone with me. I was very careful to not use my iPhone, afraid of potential charges. But today I have been slapped with a GBP 1, 066!!!

    It is clear that the O2 iPhone service has been designed to rip off anyone stepping outside the protection of EU tariff protections. And O2 are more than happy not to alert early their customer (me) that daily charges 5-10 times the regular volume are being accummulated. Even credit card companies have a simple fraud detection service to call you when unusual activity happens.

    O2 "client service" refuses to reverse this ridiculously high charges which is 5 times what I have ever paid in a month. O2's treatment of me as a client is abusive and disgraceful. It is so ridiculous that they are so protected by the high switching costs that they really do not care about any individual client.

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  • An
      Nov 28, 2012
    O2 - Abysmal customer service
    United Kingdom

    O2 have the most appalling customer service of any mobile provider in the UK. They mistakenly set me up with a Mobile Broadband account and debited me for £10 something a month for 14 monthsfor something I neither wanted or used. On changing my bank, I discovered this and spoke to an adviser who agreed to refund me £142. I explained that i was in dispute with my old bank and did not want the funds paid back into that account, but into my new account details of which I had given them so that I could pay my phone bills. Despite assurances from 3 of their CSAs and one manager that this would be done, they paid the refund into my old account. 10 advisors, 6 managers and six and a half hours on the phone later, they will not refund my account despite admitting that both errors were their fault. They claim their "system" will not allow them to refund me until the money is paid back from my old account. I am in dispute with my old bank so this is not likely to happen. Their staff are full of simpering platitudes but have no real authority to step outside the box. I would cancel my account with them today were it not for the fact they would charge me over six hundred pounds to do so.

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  • Sa
      Feb 25, 2016

    This is regarding order number [protected]. The order was placed on 3rd Feb, 2017 in Munich and the store confirmed technician presence on 25th Feb, 2017. No signs of the technician at all and the company claims we are wrong. Same issues with Vodafone, had to switch the contract to O2. Fake claims and a very very useless customer service. Good for nothing!

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