NYCHA, Van Dyke Houses / housing manager mrs. drayton

370 Blake Avenue, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 718-495-4000

On 7/29/14 at 8:50a.M. I dropped off personal property damage form to my nycha van dyke development. The receptionist took the copy of my form along with a copy of my receipt. At approximately 1:39 pm. I received a call from ms. Drayton the housing manager at van dyke houses, who asked me about the property damaged in my apartment. I explained to ms. Drayton that i had dropped off the form this morning and left it with the receptionist. She stated she was aware of that but needed me to tell her what i listed because she didn't have the form in front of her. I informed ms. Drayton that i was presently busy at work and can she refer back to the form i dropped off because i couldn't talk. She then went on to ask me about the repairs in my apartment did they happen before or after the flood and what needed to be repaired. I told ms. Drayton again "i am work and i have gave you a list of the repairs as well as calling the hot line number on several occasions to put in tickets numbers. How i have been fighting for heat since 2007". Ms. Drayton said "i know that. So when can we come to see the repairs and damage". I told her on friday between the hours of 8 and 12p.M. Ms. Drayton said "ok". I feel as if ms. Drayton have been very unprofessional. She have taken my number on several occasions, never get back to me on repairs, had me take a day off of work to have a maintenance come install my air conditioner brackets, no one came and i lost a day at work. Ms. Drayton is not consistent with dates and nor is she responsible at getting the job done as a housing manager. This is unacceptable as tenant that i have to endure living in a non-functional apartment and being interrupted at work. I ask that this be overlooked by someone of her superior. Thanking you in advance.

Jul 29, 2014

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