NVR Inc / Ryan Homesshoddy work/gross negligence and gross incompetence

I purchased my ryan townhome in 2006 (sigh). Recently hired an home inspector, and learned that the bathroom vent on the roof had been slowly but consistently leaking over the years because the vent was installed partially into the siding of the dormers! The inspector told me that the vent should've never been installed into the dormer siding because it would be chronically prone to leaking, and no repair would last. No other town home in my section of 60+ homes has this type of vent installation. Checked with professional roofers, and they told me the same. The only way to "correct" this shoddy work would be to relocate the bathroom vent from the dormer siding to another location on the roof. Opened a warranty request with ryan homes, & they read me the standard response "your home is out of warranty." I tried to explain that this was not a defect, but gross negligence and gross incompetence of their building crew but haven't heard back, and suspect i'm screwed. This problem will cost at least a couple thousand to correct, and has delayed the selling of my home at a critical time. I will be opening a case with attorney general in my state, and consulting with an attorney. If you're reading this, the message should be clear — do not, do not, do not purchase a nvr/ryan home!! The last 12 years has been the biggest nightmare of my life.

May 10, 2018

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