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Last month I bought four tires for my 2013 Prius at the store at 1689 Howell Mill Rd. NW, Atlanta, Ga. The sales person started out offering high-end tires with a lot of add-ons. The up-sale pressure was huge. I stressed that was too expensive. I ended up buying Bridgestone tires that cost $91.99 each. My total bill was 432.64. The gas millage I was getting dropped significantly -- from 52-53 mpg to 40 mpg and below. I went back and the manager, Curt Grant, insisted that I had bought the wrong tire. I could get a CAFE tire for $99.99 each. He said the reason the $99.99 tire was not recommended was because I was focused on price. I bought the Bridgestone tire but that required an additional $169.81 for the cost of a second installation, balance, etc. When we had first spoken about replacing my first set with CAFE tires I was expecting to pay an additional $125. On top of that, he was very slow. The process of selecting a new tire took 40 minutes. The entire time I spent waiting for my service, though I had an appointment was three hours. There was no respect for my time. The experience unnecessarily expensive and time consuming (requiring three trips and several several hours for two of those visits). I will never buy from NTB again. Instead, I will get my tires from the dealership.

Mar 24, 2017

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