NTB / tire repair/ customer care

Mayfield Heights, OH, United States

I came to the Mayfield hts location today at 4 10 pm. It was raining, i parked and walked into the store in the rain. Once i entered i explained what happened. I ran over something and it waa stuck in my tire.
He said im going to wait to check you in cuz i don't want to go out in the rain. I said really?? I walked in the rain and you don't hear me complaining. So he did wait til it stopped..which i felt was him being a big baby.
He told me if tbey can't repair it i need a new tire which then i explained that i havw a friend that will sell me tires at a discount. Well, he didn't like that and argued with me that i was lying and theres no way i could get a discount on a tire.
He never gave me an estimate on how much it would cost. Never came to tell me the status whether it can be repaired or new tire. Just drove my car to the door and said $32. Sorry but that's high to get a repair..brepair..but i paid and left because i didnt want to deal with him any more.
I like NTB even after the bad experience my daughter had in Columbus. Look i came back and i just got treated like crap. I'm not happy with my service there today.

Apr 27, 2017

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