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Dear NTB, I am writing in the hopes of finding a remedy to an ongoing and extremely frustrating situation. I purchased brand new tires at your Nashua NH store on 6/17/17 for $656.78. My mileage was74, 233, I am now at 86, 125. They are 60, 000 tires. Since that purchase I have returned to several of your stores to correct the same problem over and over; at least two of my tires WILL NOT maintain proper tire pressure. I have returned almost 10 times. Although the employees have been friendly and tried thier best, this problem remains still. I must go into the gas station every other week to add air. I work full time and have a family, adding air to my NEW tires constantly is wearing my patience very thin. They have sealed and resealed the tires several times. This has not worked.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Nashua, NH I have spoken with several mechanics and they all agree that NTB seriously lacked in the preparation process by not prepping the rims before the new tires were put on ( I personally think the tires are simply lemons and no good). Regardless, I am appealing to your company to stand behind what you sell and either replace the tires or prep the rims thoroughly THIS TIME in order that they maintain thier proper pressure for the LIFE OF THE TIRE! Mind you, this has been going on for months!!! Please do the right thing, stand behind your products and solve this matter as soon a s possible.
Mark Leahy
2010 Mitsubishi Outlander
VIN: JA4JT5AX1AZ006210
Cooper GLS Touring 225/55R18 98H 60.000
Thank you very much for your time, and hope to hear back very very soon.
Mark Leahy

Jul 18, 2018
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      Aug 08, 2018

    Took my car to NTB in Danvers MA for a simple thermostat replacement. I have replaced thermostats many times myself but had no time to do so because I work 2 jobs. My own mechanic was busy at the time and I needed to get to and from work. I work near this NTB so I dropped my car off for an estimate on doing it while I was at work. Josh, (Service Manager?), called me and told me it would be $440.00. WTF? Told me they would have to remove the "engine cover" to get to it and it would take about 2 Hours at $122.00/hr to do the job. Guess what? The only "engine cover" on my car is the hood! You open it and the thermostat is RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU! Called my own mechanic who said that was ridiculous. He would squeeze me in. When I picked up my car NTB charged me $61.00 for an "Engine Diagnostic" and $6.10 for a shop fee. Total cost $67.10 for not doing anything to the car. Got no readout or results of their "Engine Diagnostics"! Guess this is the "hidden charge" (and ripoff excuse) of the times! End result after having my own mechanic replace it? $147.83! $21.49 in parts and 1 hour labor! The car now runs great again! Called Store Manager Marco Pellegrini to inform him of the results and my displeasure with his store and my experience. Very arrogant and disconcerned! Didn't offer printed results of the "Engine Diagnostics" which I paid for nor to reimburse me for the charge! DO NOT do business with this company no matter what state you live in. They are out to RIP YOU OFF! Seems to be part of the "Company Training Package" for management!

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