NTB / National Tire & Battery / customer service and wait time after appointment was made 2 days in advance

United States

I made an appointment online on Friday 2/8/2019 Order #[protected]- o297535599. I made the appointment because my wife was working at 5pm on Sunday and wanted to make sure I had a ride to and from NTB to get my car. I was told my car would be ready at 3:30/4pm at 3:15 I got a call saying they were a little behind I wanted to go pay so if I had to leave my car there past 6 it would be paid for and I could pick it up . When I went to pay at 3:30 my car was still not even looked at yet. I paid and left they close at 6pm I went up at 5:30pm and my car was finally brought in at 5pm even though I made a 1pm appointment 2 days prior. I waited until 6:45pm to get my car on a 1pm appointment made 2 days earlier. I have had problems in the past at this location and was warned by others about the service at store #536. As I sat there for an hour the manager Michael Raper never approached me and asked what was going on or explained anything. As a matter a fact he walked by countless times and never made eye contact completely disengaged from the situation. It takes a lot for me to take one second of my time to complain about any situation. I did what I was suppose to do, made an appointment, rearranged everyone's plans to pick up and drop off car and got screwed over by this store. I have no idea how Mike is in charge or how he is directed by NTB to make the decisions he makes throughout the day. My anger is not directed toward NTB I have always received quality products for reasonable prices, but this store and the leadership at it are a joke.

Feb 10, 2019

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