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Ricardo Feliu

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Norwalk, CT 06854
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July 18, 2011

Mr. Richard Blumenthal
Senator CT

Dear Sir;

On Sunday, June 19, I went to the emergency department at Norwalk Hospital at 3:00 am suffering from strong stomach pains and with diarrhea and nausea.

In the waiting room were only an elderly person and I.

After waiting over an hour with great pain, I asked a nurse to let me see a doctor or give me something for the pain.

Finally the nurse get into a room and left me there for 2 ½ hours without attention, I repeatedly asked them to give me something for pain or to relieve the diarrhea that did not stop. During all this time I was totally ignored

I decided to leave the hospital, which I told to one of the nurses, to my surprise the doctor prescribed me some medicine, without having made any examination, blood tests or anything to determine the probable cause of the pain, nausea and diarrhea.

However, even greater was my surprise when a nurse named Kathleen came into the rooin front of my wife and other nurses and patients.

Dr. Arthur Strichman did absolutely nothing to stop the insults; in a fit of rage this woman literally pull the needle from my arm so violently that the blood leap, seeing my astonishment at such aggression she said "put your hand in the arm to hold the blood, because at the end is your own blood”

She did not provided me with a bandage or gauze to put on the wound and I had to leave the room bleeding and asking a nurse to please give me something to put on the wound.

All this without any nurse or doctor to intervene to stop the aggression.

On Monday June 20th, I went to the hospital and talk to Mrs. Lorraine Salavec, MS, RN, CEN, Director Clinical Operation, and Joanne, I told both the story of what happened and I left with the promise that the events would be investigated but with great doubt that justice would be done by the attitude of Mrs. Lorraine.

On Monday 20, I had to return to the Emergency Room and on Wednesday, June 22, this last time I had to take the ambulance, but to my surprise the same group of nurses of June 19 was working. The first thing the nurse said was "are you here again"?

They sent me to the waiting room even though that I was folded with severe pain and refused to attend me.

I asked to speak with the manager of the nurses, but the attitude of the nurses was so aggressive that I did not know what to do. Finally came the manager "Patty" in a very rude way she told me that I had to wait, I replied that the pain was very strong that if they do not let me see a doctor I had to leave quickly to be attend by another hospital, the response was not only inhuman was cruel, she said, "Well, good luck"

After a week I did not received response to my complaints to Mrs. Lorraine, and I decided to back to the hospital to check the status of my complaint Mrs. Lorraine called me the same day to apologize to me for what had happened and say that they recognized when they made mistakes, refused to say whether if she had taken any steps or disciplinary action against the nurse and of course they told me she no going to be not fired.

The Norwalk Hospital has violated my rights in every way, all patients have the right to be treated when they are in pain, and the hospital has an obligation to help relieve it.

The hospital violates the rights and responsibilities of patients stated in paragraph 1;

You have the right to expect care Respectful and considerate, a safe environment be and the right to expect appropriate management pain.

In the paragraph, seven says:

To the degree that it is humanly possible, you are entitled to reasonable responses to your request for services.

The nurse Kathleen does not have the minimum conditions to work in a pet store, or anything that has blood or have to do with a living being. This person does not deserve to work with humans beings who need care solidarity and compassion; this nurse should be detained in prison or in a psychiatric hospital.

The hospital in Norwalk, allow this person to continue working with patients and this only show and gives the degree of irresponsibility of the managers of this hospital.

Apparently, the Norwalk Hospital has billed my insurance for services not rendered, like a visit from June 22, except that the hospital charged for talking to the manager of the nurses, however a copy of this letter will be sent to my insurance

The Norwalk Hospital has been negligent; the decision of the physician to prescribe me medications with severe side effects without any previous examination is an example of neglect, disrespect and failure

I await your response as soon as possible, because I am not satisfied with the one I got verbally.

If there is no a logical answer to this complaint, you can be sure that a copy of this letter going to all departments, politicians or entities that are related to the hospitals in the state of CT, as well as websites and social networks.

Pictures of the arm damages are attached.

Without ruling out legal action.

Waiting for your response;


Ricardo Feliu

Cc; Lorraine Salavec, Director Clinical Operation-Norwalk Hospital
Michael Carius, MD, Facep, -Chairman Dept. of Emergency Medicine-Norwalk Hospital
Medicaid Fraud
Joint Commission
Connecticut Department of Public Health

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  • Ga
      Jan 12, 2016

    I'm in complete and full agreement review Ricardo about the Norwalk hospital and the way that they neglect their patients they think that they are God gift to the medicine world and they feel that they can treat patients however rudely and disrespect Lee as they wish without any recourse whatsoever I've spent many many many times in the Norwalk hospital due to a very terrible disease called lupus I was in and out of there for almost a year and a half from 2010 on and now I'm even scared to go back there even if I'm in pain because I know the way that they treat people I wish I had the backing to be able to take down some of the people in the emergency room and some of the doctors that have treated me like just your average drug addict or a patient that has absolutely no care but I hope that you get through to the people that you're trying to get through to for your complaint and if you ever need somebody to back you you can certainly call on me

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