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I just bought a computer from Best Buy and I had them tweak it for me so it runs faster in Alaska. My daughter bought a computer in Pittsburgh Pa the day before and bought Norton 360 software. Well I went on to download a trial version which it stated to me that if I cancel it before 30 days I would get my money back. It was just a trial version. Well as soon as I put it on but I never downloaded it to my computer my daughter called me up and told me what she had done. Well the very next day I canceled the subscription and got a confirmation notice in my email saying that I canceled it and was supposed to get my money back but ended up they still charged me and I didn't get any credit on my account for it. So what is going on. Is Norton hurting that much that you guys are robbing people of their money. This all seems like a huge scam. I do have Norton 360 3.0 on my computer but its from my daughters disk that she bought. It has 3 uses out of it. So I would like to have my account credit back for the $69.98 that was taken out. 06/23/2009 DEBIT C&C DRI*SYMANTEC MYORD.COM/SYM MN $69.98 This is what I see on my account.
Dear Gerald Altman,

We have recently cancelled the following subscription.
Subscription Details:
Original Order ID: [protected]
Order Date: Jun 21, 2009 1:52:01 PM
Product Name Subscription Date Expiration Date Amount
Norton 360 Version 3.0 Upgrade 06/21/2009 07/21/2009 $59.99
Extended Download Service 06/21/2009 07/21/2009 $25.99
Norton 360 Version 3.0-30 Day Opt-out Trialware 06/21/2009 07/21/2009 $74.99

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Norton Support
So what is going on my account is being charged but you guys sent me a receipt showing you canceled it.
Gerald Altman email address gerald.[protected]

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