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i have recieved a letter today from this northland group requesting that i pay them $130.91, a so-called settlement in place of a $218.19 balance, this is nuts, i dont owe them anything, , and have never had dealing with citibank, nor do i want to, or ever plan to,
what a bunch of crooks, i live on social security, and scrape by daily just to have a place to live, and this big huge citibank is sending demand letters thru a phoney collection agency
to collect money from people .See Top 10 Worst Companies in Minneapolis, MNi would think they had better things to do with their time than send collection notices to any one, they can find a name for who have never had accounts with them, what a pathetic bunch of greedy corporate losers, , they must all need a big stimulus check to pay their high dollar employess with.
any one who pays these people at these collection agencys, with no knowledge of a debt, then dont owe, is losing money to people who are looking for a fast dollar.
i refuse to pay this, and it is going in the trash after this email is finished., and they can find another person with the same name as mine, [there are plenty of them out there, ]
3 right here in the town i live in.

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      Apr 24, 2017

    My name is Adam Fishbein, an attorney in New York, and I represent consumers against the collection agencies. You can email me at [protected] It is sad how many people are contacted over debts that they claim they don't know.

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