North Texas Toll Authority / toll bill

Josephine, United States

I paid a bill back in 2014 completely off. Now it is 2017 they say I still owe it and I will keep receiving a 25.00 administration fee every month till I pay it. I said I will pay my current 21.98 Bill but not that again. I also have a toll tag and they accept that payment. They will not research their records to figure out how it happened they say they will keep adding to the bill. They do not care just payet it again. This is serious because here in Texas you can get arrested for not paying it. Yet they don't send the bill till months later and your on your third notice already. Where is the first and second notice. I never got it. The bills I paid in 2014 why is that showing as paid off. This is legalized racketeering. The general public is the ones having to pay the price.

May 6, 2017

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