North Shore Agencycollection notices (reference proactive)

I had an ongoing 6 month renewable program with ProActive which I requested be cancelled because I was not using the product as much as previously. I continued to receive products after placing this request. I had one past due payment that I received bills for from ProActiv as well as some from North Shore Agency. I submitted my payment directly to ProActiv (with a letter indicating this account had been requested to be cancelled along with a check for the balance that I was responsible for payment. ProActiv cashed the check; however, I still receive their company sales literature (which I have no problem with).

However, my complaint is with NORTH SHORE AGENCY because I am still receiving collection notices from this company even after this account has long since been cleared up with ProActiv.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Old Bethpage, NYTHIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!!!
I tried to reach a live person to tell them that they are to STOP IMMEDIATELY sending me these notices and if they do not I will file a complaint with the appropriate government agency for harassment. However, it is impossible to reach a person live. I do not want to waste the cost of a stamp on this creditor since they should have long stopped sending me notices. I wanted to inform them that I was recording the conversation to make sure they know I mean what I say, but all their "customer service reps" hide behind unanswered phone lines, a clear sign of a scam operation. I will research the appropriate agency to contact to file a legal complaint if this is not resolved immediately.
I will provide photos once I know this complaint is being handled appropriately

May 06, 2017

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