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North American Bancard / North American Bancard, PCI Compliance Trouble, Possible Scam/Fraud/Deceptive Practice - Credit Card Processing Services

1 Troy, MI, United States Review updated:

North American Bancard, PCI Compliance Trouble, Possible Scam/Fraud/Deceptive Practice - Credit Card Processing Services

Here is a story I urge anyone considering a merchant account, or have one already, to read. It involves some very strange practices by a credit card processor, North American Bancard. My hope in writing this is to bring light to this issue, since PCI compliance is an unknown to most small merchants.
I hope other processors do not follow in the steps of North American Bancard. I'm not sure if what North American Bancard is doing is illegal, but it sure sounds bad and at least has to be considered deceptive.

Sometime in late 2008 I referred a friend of mine to North American Bancard (NAB) for credit card processing. They ran a small grocery store and needed a simple swipe machine. They received their merchant account from NAB and started their business and use of the machine. Sometime in November/December a statement came in the mail with a note saying that there will be a PCI compliance fee of $79.99. I offered to help find out what this PCI compliance was and get them 'compliant'.

I first spoke to NAB in early December, asking what the fee was for. They said it was to get us PCI compliant. They made it sound pretty simple, pay the fee and you are compliant. The fee was $79.99 per year. I inquired if we can get our compliance from someone else, as it sounded pretty strange to begin with. The representative said I could go somewhere else for the service, and if I provided the compliance paperwork they would remove the charge. It's good to do some research before blindly paying a fee, maybe it was cheaper elsewhere? Some research was due.

Asking a few more questions, I found out that the fee was apparently for help from Mcaffee (the virus and security company) for their PCI compliance service.
Doing a bit of research on the internet, I found the the official PCI compliance website, or more properly the "PCI Security Standards Council" at
You can read a summary about the PCI organization at:
It's basically a council formed by the big credit card companies to come up with security standards to help avoid credit card fraud.
Looking at the website initially can be overwhelming, and I think this is what NAB is counting on, the merchant getting 'lost' in all the regulations. Digging more into the site gave a list of approved security vendors, which I might require the help of, to get PCI compliant. They use acronyms for their certified for these folks.. QSAs (Qualified Security Assessors), PA-QSAs (Payment Application Qualified Security Assessors), ASVs (Approved Scanning Vendors). The heart of the regulations appear to be aimed at big retailers or other big businesses which store your credit card number and other information. Although it applies to everybody, there are obviously differences in the regulations (and compliance requirements) between a grocery store running 5 credit cards per day on a terminal machine and a big company like Sears or Amazon, which might collect and store information on thousands of customers per day. These rules appear to be aimed at preventing the major breaches in customer information (and hence fraud) we hear about in the news so often these days.

A call to one of the approved providers got me some helpful information. He asked me a few questions and in the end told me to go to the PCI compliance website, fill out the appropriate self-assesment questionare sign it and that was it. He seemed disappointed when I told him we only had a dial-up terminal, and he explained they mainly deal with big companies who need security advice and scans on their networks and servers. I'm sure he was not happy that I couldn't be a customer of theirs, but he was polite and honest in explaining that I didn't need their service.

I further dug into the PCI compliance website. There I found the 'Self-Assessment Questionnaire'. Reading the requirements again, it states that if you have small volume with only a dial-up terminal, you qualify to fill out the questionnaire and sign it. Sounds good, this is what the security provider told me. We fill out the forms (which stated pretty basic stuff like securing the little paper receipts with the card information on them) signed them and faxed them in to NABs PCI compliance division. This was in early December.
We got a call from NAB in late December stating that the PCI compliance paperwork was incomplete. When asked why, we were given the answer that we needed a 'network scan' from an approved PCI vendor. We explained that we were told by a PCI approved vendor that since we only had a dial-up terminal we didn't require a scan. NAB told us no, that we needed one and if we didn't get one the fee would be charged.

OK, before I continue let me give you some background on the store where this supposed 'scan' has to take place. Its a grocery store about the size of your living room, has two employee/owners, a married couple running the whole thing. The business does not have any computers. The only computer this couple owns is at home, which I estimate is at least 5-8 years old, no internet access (they canceled it a while back when they couldn't figure out how to use the computer). If you have any friends like this you know what I'm talking about, they can't use the mouse properly and it takes them about a minute to find and type out one word. When they do turn it on every 3 months, you get a frantic call asking how they shut it down because you told them that just turning it off was not good... it's START.. on the lower left hand corner.. then SHUT DOWN.

Back to the NAB call.. they told me that I can speak to their compliance provider if I had any questions. OK, good, got their number*, and this turns out to be Mcaffee's PCI compliance division. A call to Mcaffee brings a helpful gentlemen on the phone, I will not use his name on the internet, but will call him M-REP1*. I explained to him the situation and asked about this scan. He knew my situation precisely. He told me that they have been getting a LOT of calls from NAB merchants just like us, and he said that since we only have a dial-up terminal a scan cannot be made. He also told me the exact same thing the PCI compliant representative did (from our initial contact with another PCI verified vendor) on our inquiry several weeks before: To go to the compliance website and fill out the Self-Assessment Questionnaire, sign it and send it to your merchant processor, and that would be all that is required. I said we already did that, thanked him and hung up to call NAB back.

I called NAB back. Spoke to a customer service representative and explained what Mcafee and the original PCI vendor told us.. they put us on hold to ask a supervisor. When they came back they again told us we needed to have a scan done, and that if we didn't get one they would charge us the $79.99 to get it done. I honestly didn't know what to say at that point. What were they going to scan??? No coherent answer was given to this question. After the call I wasn't sure what to do, 2 PCI verified vendors were telling me one thing (one of them being the compnay NAB was supposedly contracting to do these scans) and NAB was telling me something else. Out of desperation I called Mcafee back.

I called Mcafee back and out of sheer luck I got the same person I spoke to before. I explained to him what NAB said and he seemed outright frustrated, he told me again of all the calls they have been getting from NAB customers, I told him I though this was a big scam, he said nothing. He explained again that since there was no network he could not issue me any 'scan' certificates, and reiterated that all I needed was a self signed certification for the dial-up terminal. I told him I knew this, but NAB didn't want to believe me. I asked if he could send me any official statement about this, he graciously agreed and in a short time I got an official written record from Mcafee's PCI certified compliance department explaining that they could not issue me a scan certificate since there was nothing to scan, they also mentioned (again) that for a dial-up terminal all I had to do was fill out and sign the Self-Assessment Questionnaire, which was available free for everyone on the PCI councils website, he even provided a link to it.

Reading the PCI compliance website some more, this makes sense, if you have a plain old dial-up terminal the only possible avenue of fraud is the information on the little receipts it prints which the customer has to sign. If you secure these, there is no other avenue of possible fraud (this is mentioned and its security is required in the certification you have to sign). Of course there is the dial-up terminal itself, but this is provided by NAB and you have no real control of the security aspects of this terminal. By the way, the terminal itself IS PCI compliant already.

I have sent this information to NAB and I'm waiting for their response. I don't expect to hear back from NAB any time soon, it doesn't matter at this point, if I get this charge removed or not I will continue to collect information and post my experiences with NAB, hopefully informing other small merchants of this practice. I know from talking to the PCI representative that this is a widespread issue and NAB is trying to collect erroneous fees from their small unsuspecting merchants, the small month and pop shops who usually will not research this issue and will probably just pay the fee. For these merchants I'm not even sure what the supposed PCI service that NAB is charging for is. Since they always seemed to reject the validity of the self-assessment questionnaire that is posted on the councils site. Their $79.99 scan of thin air will accomplish zero for these merchants. Reviewing, filling out and complying with the councils questionnaire is all that is needed.

I'll leave you with one more bit of information, during my Internet searches I came upon a list put out by VISA which is posted on their site, named the "List of PCI DSS Compliant Service Providers". It is a PDF document with PCI compliance status of service providers. The list is available here:
And as of the end of December 2008, if you do a search in the document for "North American Bancard" you will see them in the list with a compliance date in YELLOW text, what does this mean? According to Visa this is a service provider with a compliance report that is "... 1-60 days late are noted in yellow ..."
Now ask yourself if you are willing to trust or give business to a company that will provide a scan of something they cannot even describe, for a fee of $79.99, something that no one else is willing or capable of doing, and with which they appear to be late in complying with themselves.

If you are anyone in a position to help, State Attorneys office, credit card company personnel (VISA/MASTERCARD/.DISCOVER/AMEX), business organizations, someone from the PCI council, or just have a story or comment about this please email me at

*NOTE: I have omitted names, or used references to certain people, extensions, and some contact information to protect peoples privacy. If I am contacted by official sources who might help in this matter I will provide more information.

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  • Ki
      12th of Jan, 2009
    +2 Votes

    Dear Concerned Friend,

    North American Bancard works very diligently to resolve all merchant issues and complaints. Since our inception in 1992, we have worked with over 125, 000 merchants of all sizes and levels of complexity. We provide a high level of service and support to our merchants, as is evidenced by the low number of complaints we handle. Occasionally we, like any other large company, may make a mistake or mishandle an issue. When these are brought to our attention we resolve them to the best of our ability. Our 250+ employees work hard every day to make doing business with NAB a pleasure for our merchants and stakeholders, all we ask is the opportunity to recover well.

    North American Bancard values the business of all of our merchants and we do not take complaints lightly. In an effort to address your many concerns and provide you with some very pertinent information specific to the PCI compliance mandate, we have compiled the information below for your review. Please keep in mind that your individual concerns regarding your “friend’s account” can only be addressed by making some general assumptions since specific account information and the business name were not provided for accurate research.

    There are numerous organizations and groups that cater solely to the Small Business Merchant, such as the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), who have taken an active role in informing Small Businesses such as your friend’s on the requirements and importance of being PCI compliant.

    The PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) originally began as five different programs from the five credit card schemes (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and JCB). Each company’s intentions were roughly similar: to create an additional level of protection for consumers by ensuring that merchants meet minimum levels of security when they store, process and transmit cardholder data.

    The Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) was formed as a neutral body to address conflicts among the credit card schemes in developing a standard. On Dec. 15, 2004 the credit card associations aligned their individual policies and issued the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

    North American Bancard values the business of all of our merchants and we take pride in keeping all of our merchants informed and up to date. We ensure that our company information is easily accessible for our merchants and continue to strive to be an industry leader and innovator in the credit card processing industry. It is because of that that we are taking a proactive role in ensuring all of our merchants meet the PCI compliancy requirements. All entities involved in the collection, processing, and storage of credit card information, regardless of size or affiliation must be compliant. It is an industry mandate imposed on all service providers and merchants that accept credit cards.

    We notified our merchants of this mandate and the one time $79 fee on their November 2008 statement. They were advised that the $79 fee provided them with access to the tools that can help them achieve and maintain compliance. We have also advised our merchants that the fee was not imposed on them from McAfee nor does it cover the cost of software. It is the fee assessed to all of our merchants to mitigate the costs associated with becoming compliant and maintaining compliance, updating terminal software nationwide (including enhanced protocols for protection of cardholder data passed by the Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act (FACTA) mandating how card numbers and expiration dates must appear on receipts), providing applications with enhanced security, and replacing non-compliant hardware.

    You posed a question in reference to the “differences in regulations” for merchants of different sizes and sales volume. There definitely are differences in what is required for each merchant type, but it is not solely based on their size or sales volume, it also takes into consideration what they use to process (software, telephone, terminal etc.). Although your friend’s grocery store may seem small in comparison to a big box retailer, such as Sears as you stated, both companies are at risk for security breaches if they are not in compliance. The PCI compliance mandate not only pertains to how you process credit cards, but also how you store and transmit that credit card information. For example, let’s say all of your terminals and/or software are PCI compliant, but you use some sort of offline accounting system or you store all of your cardholder information on a laptop. The laptop is later stolen, therefore allowing unintended access to all that cardholder information. You have now encountered a security breach that could have been avoidable, and you are now potentially at risk for serious fines, penalties, and/or lawsuits. Hopefully, your friend would not make this careless mistake, but there are thousands of merchants big and small that have. If there was not a problem, this industry wide mandate would not be necessary. There are many merchants big and small who value these services, and need them both to ensure their business practices are within guidelines and to avoid being penalized. This is only one example, and there are many more of which the PCI council can advise you. Please keep in mind that we do not work for the PCI council, nor are we on its board or have membership in its organization, but we, like our merchants, must be in compliance.

    North American Bancard partnered with McAfee, a leader in the security risk management industry, in late 2008, to give our merchants full access to McAfee PCI Compliance Service at no additional charge. There are only a few steps our merchants need to complete to determine if they are in compliance. Our retail merchants (those that do not process credit card transactions online, with software, and are not considered e-commerce) will need to go to the website and complete the Self Assessment Questionnaire. Upon completion, they will need to fax a copy of the completed Questionnaire to our Customer Service department at (248) 283-6260 for validation. Our E-Commerce merchants (those that are processing via the Internet, with software, and/or online) will also need to go the website and complete the Self Assessment Questionnaire, in addition to utilizing the Scan Tool. Upon completion of the Scan Tool, the E-Commerce merchants will receive a compliance Certificate if they are in compliance. This certificate is good for 12 months and they will also need to fax it to our Customer Service Department for validation at the number stated above.

    Please note that some terminals are capable of processing credit card transactions online (IP) and via dial-up. Merchants with these terminals would be required to complete the Scan Tool regardless of how they process to ensure the device itself is compliant. In regards to your concern pertaining to the “network scan”, without the account number or business name we are unable to identify your friend’s specific account, and therefore have no way of accurately identifying which type of equipment they have or if the information they were provided with was inaccurate.

    In conclusion, all merchants, whether small or large, need to be PCI compliant. The payment brands have collectively adopted PCI DSS as the requirements for organizations that process, store or transmit payment cardholder data. The PCI Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) is responsible for managing the security standards, while each individual payment brand is responsible for managing and enforcing compliance with these standards. For questions regarding compliance validation requirements and deadlines as well as compliance reporting requirements, please advise your friend to contact North American Bancard’s Customer Service Department at (1800) 226-2273 extension 1300. In regards to refunding the one time only fee of $79, we will do so if the merchant became compliant prior to our notification in November 2008. For more information regarding the PCI security standards, please refer to their website To see the current list of PCI DSS Compliant Service Providers (including North American Bancard) see the below link or visit Visa’s website.

    North American Bancard

  • N4
      22nd of Jan, 2009
    0 Votes

    The statements by the NAB are correct from the perspective of NAB. Payment Card Industry Security Standard (PCIss) is required of all processors. However, NAB, like many processors today -- Ipayments ($30 fee annually) Global, Nationwide, EVO ($99 annual fee) are all doing the same that is common in this industry - play upon the ignorance of the merchant. The so called PCI compliance fee they charge does not make a merchant compliant - it is simply another way for these companies to raise additional revenues. Consider a processor who has 100, 000 merchant accounts - charged $79.00 each. That's about $7.9 million dollars - wow and they don't do anything for it!

    PCIss. That is meaningless if you read the latest headlines about how Heartland Payment System lost over 100 million credit card numbers because of a PCI breach. That's right, one of the companies that is out charging its merchants a fee to be PCIss compliant were themselves in violation!

    The fact of the matter is, any processor who tries to slip a fee in that was not originally agreed to in the original merchant agreement is using deceptive practices. The only way to stop the behavior is to reveal it and stay away from any processor that will not completely reveal all of the fees associated with processing at the time of the agreement signing.

    The processor I represent does this -- completely disclosing all fees clearly at the time the agreement is presented to the merchant. Anything less is just bad business.

    If you want the real straight information then check them out -

    Good Luck!

  • No
      30th of Jan, 2009
    0 Votes

    Heartland Payment Systems has never charged a PCI fee or any non-disclosed fee since it's inception almost 12 years ago. Get your facts straight N4Nw! Only you and your other ISO buddies do that!

  • Ki
      10th of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes
    NorthAmerican Bancard - Scam alert
    NorthAmerican Bancard
    United States

    NorthAmerican is a merchant provider. They have made attempts to resolve issues.

    See George, seems your board can contribute to doing some good.

    I submit that you do verify post though, and remove those that are unfounded toward companies that try hard to please.

    And you know who they are because you have received private-messages.

  • Vr
      23rd of Nov, 2009
    0 Votes

    The point this person is missing completely is the liability issue. If a Level 4 Merchant experiences any kind of security breach, attorneys will follow the electronic trail from the merchant, to the ISO, the processor, the aquiring bank, etc.

    Now, who do you think they're going to go after ? The merchant, who is struggling each month to meet payroll - or the processor who is serving 150, 000+ merchants and has large assets?

    Several processors - not just NAB - are charging the merchant to insure they (the merchants) are PCI Compliant.

    Where the processors err, is in not doing an adequate job of educating the merchant (who, understandably wants to pay as few of fees as possible) - so they realize the necessity of complying with all PCI-DSS regulations. $79 is a bargain compared to the nightmare a merchant will have to go through if their cardholder data IS compromised (a forensic audit, on-site inspections, reports, conference calls, red tape, paperwork, etc., etc.)

    And, on top of all the above - if it's discovered that the merchant is not in compliance with PCI standards - they will also be subject to fines from VISA and MASTERCARD. Better to pay the $79 and do all they can on their end to minimize their risk - wouldn't you think?

  • De
      7th of Apr, 2010
    0 Votes

    Hmmm... very interesting viewpoint on the "bargain" price for PCI compliance. Ironically, I just helped a restaurant get PCI compliant as their processor, RBS WorldPay was charging them a "bargain" price of $9.95 per month to do absolutely NOTHING for this merchant. The receipts printed from her terminal were still reflecting the entire credit card number and expiration date!! What kind of protection was RBS offering this merchant? NONE!! Heartland Payment Systems is the ONLY processor I have encountered that not only doesn't charge PCI compliance fees, they are the leaders in End-to-End Encryption. And before anyone says anything about the breach a little over a year ago. do you research! Many processors have had security breaches over the last 10 years, including RBS and many other processors very recently. The difference - Heartland didn't try to hide it and make it seem like no big deal. Heartland made a national announcement and took responsibility for the breach. And still don't try to charge their merchants for PCI compliance... So any merchants out there who are reading this message - look at your merchant statement. In fact, if you look closely, you will probably find a lot more unnecessary fees on your statement as well.

  • Ya
      14th of May, 2010
    0 Votes

    I went with EXS Credit Card Processing ( www. EXSCreditCardProcessing. com ) because they did not screw me with high processing and monthly fees. They also placed me in a free credit card terminal to minimize my upfront costs when i opened my new restaurant. I highly recommend EXS if you dont want hassles or unexpected high expenses with other providers...EXS only charges me $4.95 monthly for the PCI compliance fee...others charge up to $150 year...i found that every processor is forced to charge this fee...EXS has the can reach them at 877-865-7744...ask for Eric...he is our account representative...

  • Co
      14th of Jun, 2010
    0 Votes

    RE: EXS Credit Card Processing posts by Yani92625: Being that you have posted the same comment on a LOT of complaints against other companies, I must agree with one of the other posters. It does appear you are simply promoting/advertising them...

  • Ya
      14th of Jun, 2010
    0 Votes

    Of course i am...this is a complaints board! I am simply recommending this company because i was referred to them by a friend, i use them because they have treated me right and thought it might help others who had problems with their existing merchant account...oh well...

  • Ch
      21st of Jul, 2010
    0 Votes

    NAB is awful! I switched to Mercury after horrid customer service. They said I should let me account run out rather than pay the cancellation fee as it would be cheaper. Unfortunately they sent me a PCI charge (never informed me of this when I discussed canceling) as well as a "Gold Charge".

    Please do yourself a favor and don't go with North American Bankfraud!

  • 1a
      15th of Sep, 2010
    0 Votes

    I agree as well.. NAB is the Utmost in unprofessionalism. (Have you ever encountered their cust svc group from Troy Michigan?) They called abusive names (I have them recorded in fact) and then they (get this) CALLED ME BACK! And did the same thing! I patched in the Sherriffs Office so the recordings are legal lol.
    The customer service reps ("John", "Mark", and "James") told me their owner, Mark Gardner, "doesn't care" as long as they "produce sales", so the obvious agenda is there.. and lol North American fitting.
    If you search, theres pages and pages of complaints..

  • Am
      3rd of Nov, 2010
    0 Votes

    This calls for class action law suite against the few fraud companies who are scaming their customers. I am with Elavon or Merchant services and even though I have filled out the PCI docs on line twice and they should have recieved it electronically they continued saying they did not recieve it they charged me $55 yearly feeand con tinue to charge me $25 per month fvor PCI requirement. I have a very small business with dial up terminal. Again anyone else wish to get involved with class action suite please email:

  • No
      12th of Nov, 2010
    0 Votes

    PCI compliance fees are for the top line revenue of processing companies. There are no benefits to the merchant to be charged a fee. Processors with older infrastructures that need upgrades to keep up with security enhancements do so by charging PCI fees.

    We do not. Nor do we charge an annual fee or termination fee.

  • Th
      17th of Nov, 2010
    0 Votes

    The people running this company are thieves.
    Their support for merchants is a scam!
    Their sales reps are uninformed and come and go faster than used car salesman.
    We signed a contract a year ago for 2 locations, after a couple of months one location had to close so we called our sales rep who said he would close the one account and pass the machine at the closed location on to the new business that was moving in. After filling out all the paperwork we left their representative telling us all was finalized.
    A few months later we were wondering why we were getting charged so much and found out that the one account had never been closed. After many many emails and conversations we expected a refund for the months the salesman had "forgotten" to send in the paperwork. THIS never and still has not happened.
    THEN Yesterday, eight months later, at 9.00am $500.00 was taken out of our bank account. After several talks with various phone reps and many hours on the phone we find out that their sales rep never did transfer or turn in the machine and the company is claiming us responsible for it. Why not they already have our money!
    They claim this is on our agreement which we do not question, however they have emails and notes in their computer system that clearly state that the sales rep was given the machine and they even admit that.
    So how is it that their sales rep whom they trained to sell their product is not liable and we are? I am sure that given the amount of evidence their is to prove that the sales rep became responsible for the machine any court of law would tell NABancard to give us back our money, but they maintain that until they receive the machine they will keep our money!
    They probably play this game with everyone and we are offended and shocked. Not to mention that we have bills to pay that we cannot pay them now... they stole our money out of our account!
    I have read countless complaints about this company in the last 24hrs and it would seem that we have been scammed, our rates continue to increase, our fees continue to rise and NOW they have jeopardized our very ability to open the doors!
    Take some responsibility Corporate cash cow! We owe you nothing, your salesperson owes you a machine and you know it, give us back our money, it is the right and honest thing to do.
    A warning to all NEVER NEVER sign up for service from this greedy lying business, your days will be filled with headaches and your pocketbook will be emptied!
    - Coconut Cafe (a mom and pop operation in Oregon)

  • Th
      11th of Dec, 2010
    0 Votes

    North American Bancard -----Salesman lied, I switched because I could see that the rates were lower. HOWEVER, NAB charged me $79.99 for PCI Compliance, 2 months after I signed contract. I was never informed it just appeared on statement. I have to watch my statements closely, many times there ave been errors. When requesting a refund, it takes months. Yet they have access to your bank account and can withdraw monies at anytime. Lastly 10-2010 and 11-2010 the initial $5.00 a month rate is now $15 plus $10 if you don't charge at least $1000 a month in sales, for a total of $25 per month for NAB. I was told that I could buy out my contract for the remainder of the terms between $300-$500. Like the name NAB, I feel I got NABBED out of my money. I plan to contact the BBB, Attorney Generals Office, this goes against the Texas Deceptive Trade Practises. Anyone up for a class action law suit? Lets come together. Print these complaints and send into your Attorney Generals Office, and CC all other states Attorney Generals. We have to take action! They can't bully small business owners. EMAIL Me:

  • Ma
      15th of Dec, 2010
    0 Votes

    I agree, this company is one of the worst that I have ever dealt with. I have contacted the Better Business Bureau about them, and they say that they have had numerous complaints about this company. IT IS AWFUL!!!

    NO CUSTOMER SERVICE (I have spent over eight hours on the phone trying to contact them, numerous emails. When I finally got someone on the phone he laughed and said "Yeah, we can be difficult to try to get a hold of")

    DEFECTIVE MERCHANDISE (I closed my account because their machines are from about 1974 and rarely worked- by this I mean the WIFI as well as when I plugged it in. No customer service help there either)

    Tell your friends, family, and loved ones if they are starting a business to NEVER use this company. My new company answers their phones, answers emails, and then actually calls me to check to see if my complaint was resolved. Plus, they pay on time and don't take out bogus fees.

  • Be
      17th of Dec, 2010
    0 Votes

    Thanks for the warning. I was about to sign with NAB and figured I better check them out first. I also have a telephone dial up system and have had these same PCI experiences with a processor named Merchant Service Center which I Terminated for that exact reason, and I told the new processor why I was terminating them. The new company, Merchant Office did the same thing. Charged Me $59.99. When I complained, they said they would take care of it, but never did. Now I am in the process of terminating them too!
    Class Action Lawsuit People, Sign Me UP. Jeff Decker 860-379-4768

  • Me
      2nd of Feb, 2011
    0 Votes
    NorthAmerican Bancard - Scam alert
    United States

    I have been meaning to file a complaint on North American Bancard for well over 8 months now.
    1. I have been told over the course of a year that I am NOT under any kind of a contract, only to find out the hard way that I am. I found this out when I got sick and tired of the run around on behalf of this terribly unethical company and tried to cancel.
    2. I am charged incorrectly every single month! Of course I call to correct this is issue, but then I am put on hold by every department I am transferred to. Also, each dept. will play the blame game and tell me that they are not responsible for these incorrect charges. Finally I am forced to speak with a manager, but rather than speaking with him/her on the spot I am told that I will recieve a call back within 48 hours. Rarely do they call me back!
    3. Each and every month I spend at least four hours on the phone with these guys trying sort out why they have decided to once again over charge me! All I want is to pay this company the amounts that were originally agreed upon without the hassle!
    I have never encountered a company that has lied so much to nickel and dime honest customers and get away with it!
    They will not get away with it for too much longer though!
    For all of you honest and hard working people, DO NOT AGREE to use this company for credit card transactions! You will be paying a lot more than you are legally obligated to, and it will take hours each month to correct, if they even do correct the issue!
    This is ridiculous and a huge neusance

  • Go
      16th of Feb, 2011
    0 Votes

    Northern Leasing is losing a class action lawsuit over a $4.95 a month insurance fee. Don't you all think that you would win, hence it is the same principle? I would just complain to visa about North American Bancard. They are truly the only ones who can stop this greedy company.

  • Rp
      4th of Mar, 2011
    0 Votes

    March 4, 2011
    Dear Merchant,

    NAB works very diligently to resolve all customer issues and complaints. Occasionally we, like any other large company, may make a mistake or mishandle an issue. When these are brought to our attention we resolve them to the best of our ability. Our 250+ employees work hard every day to make doing business with NAB a pleasure for our merchants and stakeholders, all we ask is the opportunity to recover well.

    First and foremost I would like to apologize for any unsatisfactory service that you have received in conjunction with your Merchant Account. If you feel that your account was incorrectly debited, or your fees have been inadequately advised, then we would need specific information in order to properly address the concerns or correct any errors.

    In regards to fees that are being assessed, the fees charged on merchant accounts would be consistent with the individual's Pricing Schedule within the Terms and Conditions of the signed application as well as the length of your agreement.

    I would like to speak to you about this further. Please have your Merchant Account number ready, and contact me directly at 248-283-6059 so that your situation may be properly researched and addressed.


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