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Nordic Track / nordic track x9i incline trainer

1 UT, United States

My husband and I purchased the Nordic Track X9i incline trainer shortly before Christmas as a joint gift to ourselves.After reviewing Nordic Track's website, we ordered the machine and requested a delivery date of 1/10/13.

Shortly after arrival, approximately 2 weeks later, the incline started to malfunction. I would be on a workout with a 10 incline, and while the workout would start with a 10 incline, by the middle, the incline had decreased to a negative incline, even though the screen still showed it was at a 10 incline. This happened for 3 days straight before we contacted Nordic Track. Upon calling Nordic Track, my husband was told that this what the machine is "supposed to do." I don't know what incline machine is supposed to, on its own will, begin to decline even though the console states it still at a 10 incline.

Once again my husband called and was told by another individual that this was not what the machine was supposed to do and they would send us a wire harness in the mail for us to install ourselves. At this point, we have had the machine less than a month. We continued to use the machine, and about a week later, the wire harness arrived. When we took the panel off to install the wire harness, we realized that it would require 2 people to do, as the harness weaves throughout the entire machine.

As technology-challenged individuals, we did not feel installing the harness ourselves was a good idea as we may accidentally hit something else and the machine stop working all together. It took us another 5 calls and almost 2 weeks before we were able to get someone to schedule a service technician to come out to fix the machine. In the meantime, we continued to use the machine for the next week, when suddenly the belt altogether stopped working. The machine was now just sitting in our living room not working at all.

We called Nordic Track again, and the worker assured me that the problem with the belt would be fixed with the wire harness. I was told by someone at Nordic Track that we would be contacted in 3-5 business days by the repair man to schedule an appointment. After 6 business days, I contacted Nordic Track again and was offered the phone number to the repair man. When I called the repair man, he informed me that his shop was 2.5 hours south of my home and would be up near my location in about 7-10 days.

I explained to him my problem, and he told me the wire harness would not fix the issue. He said that he would order me a new part, and be up in my area to fix the machine in one week. On Monday of this week, I was called by the repair man, and told me that he could not order me the new part because Nordic Track would not authorize the purchase of another part until he came to install the wire harness first to see if it will fix the problem. The repair man told me he knew for sure the problem would not be fixed by the wire harness, but his hands were tied.

He came to install the wire harness, yet that of course, was not the problem. Now we have to wait 2-3 weeks for him to order a new part, and come back up to my house to install it. In April, the repairman arrived at our house to fix the belt issue. We used the machine a total of 10 more times before, once again, the belt has stopped working.

We contacted Nordic Track and we were again assured that someone would fix the belt ASAP (I am not holding my breath). We have owned the treadmill exactly 4 months, and have used it a total of 4 weeks (approximately 28 uses). This is not acceptable!. I should NOT be having this problem with a less than 4 month old treadmill'.

I would understand if I had owned this machine for 3 -5 years, but I did NOT pay $1, 850 (and still financing the machine) for this piece of junk!. Every time I contact Nordic Track for a full refund, I am either told they cannot hear me and their phone lines are not working (although I can hear the Nordic Track individual just fine) or I am hung up on by the Nordic Track personnel when he/she tells me that he/she is speaking to someone about my problem.. This is extremely frustrating for someone who believed in Nordic Track and believed I was purchasing a good product backed up by an excellent warranty'. Now I know this is all just a scam:.

While I am still attempting to contact Nordic Track on a daily basis, it appears that I will not get a full refund:. I have contacted both Sears and my credit card company for a full refund and I am told there is nothing they can do since I have owned the machine for 4 months'.

Does anyone (I am begging) have any suggestions for how to either get my money back or a new machine??I am desperate!

May 21, 2013

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