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Nokia Call Center In Manila / incompetent agent /supervisor

Malaysia Review updated:

The Nokia call center agents in Manila are not incompetent, act like robots and unable to solve my problems !! On 2nd Feb 2010, I spoke to several agents from one unknown lady (not sure of her name), Donna, Ricky and Elly. Apart from Ricky who could provide some form of assistance, the rest are just there because they were employed by Nokia's 3rd party service provider. Any attempts to speak to the call agent's supervisor or manager was really impossible. I made so many calls and the said agents answered but when I requested to speak to Ricky (who was at least capable to assist me), I was told that they cannot transfer the call. When I wanted to speak to the supervisor or manager, Elly told me they were in the meeting (a standard answer to turn customers away). When I pressured her further, she told me all of them were not in the building. What a great liar !! I asked for the supervisor/manager's name but was told she could not reveal their names (I wonder if they were so holy and secretive that their names could not be revealed). She told me she would ask her superior to call me as soon as possible. I was skeptical but I was not given any other choice. I also asked why Ricky did not call me after several hours, her answer was also stereotype - "he is engaged with customers now".
(In an earlier call, I was told by Donna that she would ask Ricky to call me, after I was told that he was engaged with other customers),
When I asked for the Malaysia Nokia Service contact personnel, I was told the contact no is till the same and that the call will still be channeled to Manila and they would be answering it. What a big joke, NOKIA. This is the first time I ever heard of this piece of crap from a call center. I should publish this in the website to inform all Nokia users of the incompetency of NOKIA call center.
Yesterday (3rd Feb) when I called, Elly answered and I asked her why no one from the call center has contacted me, the answer she gave me was "the supervisors are not available today". She told me she had asked one of them to contact me. She also told me she had forwarded my case to the complaints department and that someone would look into it. I asked whether I could talk to them she just said “I have forwarded the case to the complaints department”. That was my last straw.
NOKIA has a bunch of call center agents who are paid to do the job but instead some turn out to a liability to the company!!! The same applies to the supervisor (s) concerned who was supposed to contact me but failed to do so, since 2nd Feb.

Today (5th Feb) at about 5.30pm, Ricky from the Manila call center finally called and offered his apologies for not calling me back. I insisted to talk to the supervisor and iwas put on hold for at least 5 minutes before a guy named Wilson answered. He told me he was one of the 3 supervisors.
I asked if he was aware of my case and he acknowledged it. He told me he was away form the office at the time when his staff had asked for him. I asked whether the agent could get help from the other supervisors and he mentioned in the afformative. I told him I was extremely disappointed as it took them more than 2 days to react and revert to me despite my several calls asking to speak to someone with aurthority.

Consumers like us are left frustrated and at their mercy. Perhaps NOKIA should engage mystery callers to check on the call agents' performance and competency . Nokia may want to switch to another call center which can provide better services.

From a very unhappy customer

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