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Nokia / pathetic nokia

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I always buy nokia mobile because of its brand name and I was also happy with it.
But now on november 2007, I bought nokia mobile (model: 6085). it worked fine only for one month and started with its problems. loud speaker was not working. as nokia care is 14 kilometers away from my place, I delayed for about 20 days. I went to nokia care center (sampige road, malleshwaram, bangalore) on jan 4th 2008 for repair. they asked me to take back my mobile on jan 7th 2008. I went on the same day and checked whether all the functionalities were working fine.
The repair done by nokia in turn added some other problem. the vibration was not switching off even when vibration is off. hence couldn't listen to music. I checked this on the same day and informed the nokia care of this problem.
They took the mobile back and asked me to wait for some time. I waited for two hours.
After that nokia care made my mobile in such a condition which shocked me. mobile itself was not switching on.
Nokia care spoiled my mobile completely. then nokia care informed me that they have to send my mobile to head office as my mobile was not
Working completely and it may take one or two weeks.
After two weeks I called nokia care and I got no response from them. they hanged the phone. then I called nokiaescalations for the status of my mobile. they gave me some identification number and asked me to call them back with that identification number after two days, then they would inform me of the status of my mobile. after two days I called nokia escalations. they said that my mobile is not repairable and I will be getting replacement cell on feb 5th 2008. I wanted to confirm this with the nokia care. so called nokia care, but they said my mobile is ready after repair and can take. but nokia escalations said that my mobile cannot be
Repairable. so I got confused and called nokia escalations and said what nokia care had informed me. but nokia escalations asked me not to bother what nokia care is telling and asked me to just go to nokia care on feb 5th 2008 and collect the replacement and added that if you face any problem just inform us immediately from there itself and we will take care.
On feb 5th 2008 I left my office early and reached nokia care which is 14km
Away. when I reached there they informed me to come on the next day as they don't have my mobile. I got frustrated and informed to nokia escalations and they said the date the gave will not be exact and there my be some delays. I asked them this they would have informed me before itself and even on the feb 5th afternoon when I called they did not inform me and in turn asked me to collect my mobile the same day itself.
I called nokia care on feb 8th 2008 evening and no response. I went to nokia care on feb 9th 2008 and blasted them, then they came out with the replacement which nokia has given me. the replace what nokia has given is some old broken mobile (model:5200). I did not accept it and I asked them to give my mobile back in working condition. nokia care said that it is not possible as it not repairable and I have to accept different model. I did not accept the broken old mobile, as my mobile was brand new and I used it for only a month. then nokia care said they will give new mobile (model 5200) next week which is of not my interest. I did not like that model and I was forced to accept it, as icouldn't stay with out mobile any long.
On feb 16th 2008 I reached nokia care to collect the mobile. they again gave me old mobile, but told me that it is new one. no other go, so I accepted it. that day night I found the mobile the nokia care has given me has no light for the keypad. I cannot even type numbers in the dark. again the problem. nokia care gave me old mobile. when I informed them they said they will repair that mobile...
My brand new mobile is no more and nokia provided me with old mobile which has so many problems again... now I am frustrated as I remained with out mobile for two months
And bought new sony ericsson mobile and happy with it...
Even today nokia is not ready to give me a mobile with working condition.
Nokia which was connecting people previously is now disconnecting people.
Hope atleast after reading this nokia may provide me with mobile which is in working condition with no problems..

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  • Ar
      23rd of Jun, 2007
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    Nokia 6100 - Battery expand

    I purchase nokia 6100 three years before. I am facing a problem now that is the battery of mobile is expanded. The shape of battery becomes abnormal. The Battery cover is also cracked due to expansion of the battery.

    People beware!!!

  • Vi
      23rd of Feb, 2008
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    Hi whoever listens,
    I am working in Microsoft India R&D Pvt Ltd, and am a frustrated custumer of HCL Infinet Nokia Care, Punjagutta, Hyderabad which is the worst Nokia Care I had seen. My 10 years faith on Nokia Products has been washed away by the bloddy operators of this Nokia Care. I had given my Nokia 6100 Ten(10) months back, which was under warranty for a minor repair, and it has not been received till date. I am made to run to them every month but every time I get an answer it will come next week. It has been more than 10 times that I had visited them till date. Now they say the cell is lost. Sorry! Can you believe this.
    The manager bloddy has stopped picking my calls and no one is talking to me. They are thieves, liars and the worst customer care in the country. How can they gulp my mobile after making me run around for 10 months and that too at the cost of my time and money wasted. I am going to publicise this in every corner of the world.

    NOKIA will suffer because of their attitude. The customer care franchise should be revoked from HCL Infinet.

    I'll make sure that this mail goes to every nook and corner of the corporate worlds and they should know about the pathetic conditions of one of the biggest brands in the country.


  • An
      12th of Jan, 2009
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    This is in regards to the chain of problems that I have been facing with Nokia E90 Communicator Phone, In last 30 days I have been continuously facing problems and there is no end to my problems. Every time there is a new problem with my phone, you can check your records with these 2 Job sheet numbers
    First Job Sheet No. 440434038/081223/57
    Second Job Sheet: 440434038/081230/13
    I have been giving my mobile at the following address:
    New India Telecom, 209,
    Adinath Shopping Center,
    Near City Pride Multiplex,
    Pune Satara Road, Pune.

    Now I am facing these following problems with the handset, When the mobile has been Swapped with the new phone .
    1). Bluetooth is not working
    2). Radio is not working
    3). Frequent restarting of mobile phone.
    4). Mobile phone gets hanged up whenever any application is started.
    5). Wireless LAN application is not working.
    6). Vibration mode is not working.
    Last time you had swapped my Handset but that was also a cheating game done with me,
    When I gave my handset the IMEI number was 353660012453720, I got my handset back and the new IMEI number was 353660011539156, on the exchange note it is written that my old IMEI number was 353660010091670 which is not correct, you have changed some other persons mobile and have given me the Exchange note, I can go the court for this cheating.
    This will be the third time I will be giving my handset for servicing, But now I don’t want to give my handset for servicing because I know Nokia is not competent in proving any help and Nokia is helpless in technical support, because they don’t understand the basic working of the phone.
    I have given sufficient time and opportunity to your company to rectify your mistake but I didn’t get any solution. Now finally I have no other option other that approaching Consumer Court and I am doing that,
    I do not expect any courtesy call or anything of that sort now I want my full money to be refunded back and I will get that money only by approaching the court.
    I will be filing a case and you will be getting a copy of my legal advisor’s notice in a weeks time and within a month you will be getting a notice from the court also.

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