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Dear sir,
My mobile (Nokia e63) has been stolen. I felt I should register a complaint at the local police station and register an online complaint at I was not able to locate any complaint section at

Here are the details about my stolen mobile
Nokia e63
Imei 353397047648434imei
Item 002n2t / [protected]

Here my complaint is not against nokia or local police. I am registering this complaint for my lost mobile. Let me know if you can help me in this regard.

Thanking you,
Kavita nayak / swapnil mohit-[protected]
Email id: nayak. [protected]


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  • Po
      Nov 18, 2010

    There is not much you can do, I don't think. Most likely, it has already been fenced for money. This is how petty thieves operate.

    The cost of the phone is less than the cost of recovering it using sattelite GPS or by triangulating the service towers it was last used at.

    And even then, most likely the SIM Card (the part of the phone that ties it to your number and billing account) has probably been removed and replaced with another, making it impossible to identify as YOUR phone.

    And, failing that, if the thief has a brain in his head, he's turned off the GPS tracking system anyways.

    Sorry to hear about your loss. The best advice right NOW would be:

    1. If you have any information about who stole it or may have stolen it, report this information to the police.

    2. If you have home owner's insurance or general theft insurance, your phone may be covered for a replacement.

    But the phone is probably long gone. Sorry. :(

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