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Nokia / problem with nokia mobile handset model no n76 within 1 year of purchase.

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The nokia customer care,
New delhi,

Sub : problem with nokia mobile handset model no n76 within 1 year of purchase.

Dear sir,
I had bought the premium nseries mobile handset of your company on 22nd september 2008 from hotspot outlet whose address is hotspots retails ltd. , 19, netaji subhash marg, darya ganj, new delhi - 110002. My model is the red coloured nokia – n76, imei no. – [protected]. About middle of july 2009 i started facing trouble with my inner display of the mobile. The inner screen would become wavy at times. I ignored the problem because this thing would happen for only a few seconds and then get back to normal. But then by the 19th or 20th of july the inner display screen of my n76 mobile handset became totally blank. I went to the hotspot outlet from where i had bought it to complain because i had taken utmost care of my handset and i knew that the mobile phone had not suffered any damage from my side. The people there told me that it was probably a small problem which would get solved just by getting its software upgraded at one of nokia care centres. They gave me the address of the nokia care centre at gole market namely m/s gulati communications, 90, bhagat singh market, near gole market, connaught place, new delhi-110001.In the meanwhile the inner display screen of my handset would come back for about one hour or so and afterwards again go blank. I could not go to the nokia care centre immediately as i suffered injury on my right arm on the 20th july2009. Only after there was some relief to my right arm; i went to the aforementioned nokia care centre on the 27th july in the afternoon to get the problem rectified. They checked my handset and claimed that there was some liquid damage to the set and i need to pay rs.4500 to get it working again. Although the handset was under warranty and i had told them that there has been no damage from my side to the handset, they refused to fix the phone without the money. As i had already bought the phone for rs.13000 that too without my husbands consent, i decided to pay the requisite amount so that at least my phone starts working again. They made a job sheet and gave the date of 8th august 2009 for the delivery of handset. As i had seen the haphazard and poor way of working at the centre, i did not go on the 8th august to collect it, instead i called them up to confirm whether my phone was back from the workshop or not. They asked me to pick it up on the 10th of august2009 after 11am. I went and picked my mobile up on the 10th august and paid rs.4500 for the job. I have a receipt with me dated 10thaugust with stamp and a warranty of 45days written on it. I took my phone back but by the 12th of august the display screen had gone blank again. As when i had gone to pick up my handset they had told me that they would be shifting the nokia care showroom from the above mentioned address to the first floor on the main road of the same market above some odeon sweets on wednesday that is the 12th of august, i did not go there that day. The next day that is the 13th of august 2009, i went to the new showroom. I met the owner of m/s gulati communications there, as they were performing a havan at the new showroom, it was not functional. I was asked by mr. Hemant gulati to submit the phone after the 15th of august as he said it was going to be a long weekend and according to him the staff would not be available to take my complaint. So knowing our indian way of working i went to the old showroom again on the 17th of august to resubmit my phone. I was issued a temporary job sheet as their computer was not working. I was given a estimated date of delivery on the 22nd august2009. As i had gone there so many times i had got friendly with mrs. Rashmi gulati, who is either the owner or the mother of the owner of m/s gulati communications. She assured me that she will personally ask her son mr. Hemant to look into my matter. I called up mrs. Gulati on the 22nd august to know about the status of my phone, she in turn gave me her son mr. Hemant’s mobile number which is [protected], as she told me that her son has been personally using my mobile. I was very surprised to know that my handset has not been sent to the factory for checkup regarding the blank inner display problem, rather it was just being used by the owner. Despite all this i called up mr. Hemant and spoke to him about the status of my phone. All he had to say to me was that there was nothing wrong with my phone and although he has been using it for the past few days the display has not gone blank. I pleaded with him to get it checked properly as i did not want to suffer mental agony due to my mobile again. I was asked by him to collect the handset on the 25th of august so as to be sure that my handset is in working order. I went and collected my phone on the 25th of august2009 from a mr. Rajinder and got my earlier receipt marked on the same date so as to get the benefit of the 45 days warranty lest my handset give me trouble again. A girl named kusum working there sighned the receipt with a note saying that my handset was delivered to me on the 25th august 2009. As i was not satisfied with their way of checking my handset, i, while returning the job sheet wrote a little note on it stating that i am not satisfied with the job done but am nevertheless collecting my handset from them. My handset worked for exactly six days and on the evening of 31st august 2009, as i had feared, the inner display screen became blank again. I called up mrs. Gulati and told her the problem, she in turn made me speak with mr. Hemant gulati. After my complaining he asked me to come to the old showroom on the 2nd september 2009, as he was little busy the next day, to submit my handset again. But as i had lost my patience and had become extremely disappointed with the nokia service, i insisted on coming the very next day to submit my phone. On my insistence he asked me to go and meet a mr. Rajinder and submit my phone and get a loaner handset issued from him on the 1st september 2009. Finally i went to the nokia care centre, gole market on the afternoon of 1st september 2009 and resubmitted my handset model no n76 with imei no. – [protected]. I was issued a new job sheet, number – [protected]/090901/22. They have given me a delivery date of 10th september 2009. But now after so much of mental, physical harassment and monetry loss i have decided to complain to you directly. I would be extremely grateful if you would look into this matter on a priority basis as not only would you be losing a loyal customer but also gaining an anti nokia mindset in return. I would like you to either get my handset rectified completely or reimburse me with a new handset of an equal value of the full amount that i have spent on this handset, that is rs.13000 + rs.4500 = rs. 17500/-. I expect to be heard and have my problem solved on sos basis from a reputable company like yours.
Waiting to hear from you as soon as possible. Thanking you.
Your’s sincerely,
Manisha jain

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  • An
      3rd of Jul, 2007
    0 Votes
    Nokia N76 - Customer care not responding

    I have purchased Nokia N76 1month back from with 1yr warranty. Within 1month my mobile sliver color panel is losing color.

    So i took to customer care center in Bangalore / Indiranagar for repair or replacement, but the people at customer care where not responding to the problem.

    Now Indiatimes or Nokia people are not communicating with me. A product which i bought for 23K is not worthwhile.

    Bought a highend mobile thinking in mind that the customer care support and product support will be good. But totally got cheated.

  • Ka
      14th of Jul, 2007
    0 Votes
    Nokia N76 - Poor quality!

    The metallic chrome plating just peels off. battery life is v poor. SW firmware is v unstable. and loads of ather problems. But the most disgusting is the chrome plating which started peeling off after the 4th day from purchase. Nokia has a discussion forum where this has been mentioned but nobody at Nokia is bothered about it.

    And then they say that Nokia means Quality.

  • Ga
      30th of Aug, 2007
    0 Votes

    I unfortunately own the same phone. Nokia has cheated customers on this. We never expect nokia to compromise on build quality. N76 is a weak phone with lots of problems. Its limited warranty is also a problem. Nokia must take some action on the issue.

  • Le
      14th of Sep, 2007
    0 Votes
    Nokia N76 - Fake steel coat

    I have purchased a brand new piece of nokia N76 shelling out 19,000 bucks one months later i notice that the steel coating of the damn phone is beginning to peel off and the phone looks as if it were some duplicate make, i dont know if this is the manufacturing defect or is it that the pieces sold here are duplicate, mind you the shop i bought it from is one of the popular shops in hyderabad and have been buying all my cells from there since 5 years. Can someone help me.

  • Su
      19th of Nov, 2007
    0 Votes

    Frequent rebooting & the silver paint has peeled off.

  • Si
      17th of Dec, 2007
    0 Votes

    Yes. I 100% agreed this statement.

    I had purchased Nokia N70. The silver panel had come out within the warranty period. The customer care people asked me to go to the service centre. But the service center people told they won’t change the casing. There is no guaranty for the casing. I had purchased the phone for Rs.23,000.00 and within 6 months the problem occurred. I sold the phone only for Rs.6,000.00 and bought a Motorola Rocker model. It is cheaper than the Nokia N70 and the performance also good. It is a touch screen phone also.

    After that I learned one best thing about the Nokia.

    “We should not go for Nokia high price mobiles. One is service problem another one is the O/S”.

  • Kr
      5th of Jan, 2008
    0 Votes
    Nokia N76 - peel of colour
    Phone: 9848690898

    I have purchased a brand new piece of nokia N76 shelling out 21,000 bucks six months later i notice that the steel coating of that phone is beginning to peel off and the phone looks as if it were some duplicate make, i dont know if this is the manufacturing defect or is it that the pieces sold here are duplicate, mind you the shop i bought it from is one of the popular shops in hyderabad.I have approched costumer care in hyd they have made duplicate coating and after two it started peel again so i want to replace for new piece i am taking it very seroius

  • Kr
      5th of Jan, 2008
    0 Votes

    change of pannel due to colour fading

  • Ak
      4th of Feb, 2008
    0 Votes
    Nokia N76 - Paint of the mobile coming out!
    United Arab Emirates

    Its not even an year I bought this phone and the paint of the phone has started coming out. Never expected this thing from a well renounced company " NOKIA". There should be a replacement policy for it.

  • Ka
      7th of Oct, 2008
    0 Votes

    so m plannin to take N76 should i ???

  • Ka
      7th of Oct, 2008
    0 Votes

    should i buy NOKIA N76 ???

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