Nokia Aunituk / said I won 165.0000 pounds

103 river lane, Mannum, South Australia, Australia
Contact information:
Phone: 0413177321 or 0885692121

I Got a message from Nokia promo and they said that i have won a sum of 165, 000 Pounds and i would realy love to know how i collect the money that you have said that we have won if you like you can email me at ( [protected] ) and if you like i can give you my mastercard details to put the funds into no funds can be taken out of this account you can only put moneys into if you are for real about me winning the 165, 000 if it is real can you please either ring me or send me an email about the winnings my phone numbers are as follows {[protected]}{[protected]} please could you please let me know either way thanks and as soon as it is confirmed that i have won the 165, 000 i will give you my bank details if thats all right with your company

Nokia Aunituk

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