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Sub:- deficiency of nissan's product & service.
My complaint id: ma2012111938215

Reported complaint on: 11 nov 2012 (since 21 days)
Reported complaint by visiting service station:- 12, 20, 21 nov & 1 dec 2012 (4 times)
Reported complaint by email:- 16, 19, 19, 21, 22, 22, 27 nov and 1 dec 2012 (8 times)
Reported complaint on toll free no:- 18, 20, 23, 24, 25, 28, 29 nov 2012 (7 times)
Reported call to service station:- 16, 19, 23, 26, 27, 29, 30 nov 2012 (7 times)

1) we have recently bought a new nissan sunny just 10 months back from ichibaan nissan mumbai and is still under valid warranty. recently we had put the key provided by nissan into use and found that the metal used in the key was 'brittle' and defective. due to which its metal portion broken down into 2 parts while we inserted the key into keyhole.

2) we reported about this defect to nissan and asked then for duplicate key. instead of placing an order for the duplicate key, they picked up our car and delivered it to the torrent nissan service station (andheri).

3) we explained the matter to torrent nissan service station staff/ managers the following facts:-
A) metal cannot be broken with human fingers
B) key metal was brittle and cracked in 2 parts
C) ideally metal would bend a little before breaking
D) car is just 10 months old under valid warranty
E) no warranty clause in book states that 'key with brittle metal' is not covered under warranty
F) alternate key was just used for just few days
G) no laboratory test on existing key performed. if yes then pls provide us the report for same.
H) no breaking test performed on other similar keys. if yes then pls provide us the comparative report for same.
I) on basis virtual photograph how did the company take a decision to deny warranty.
J) I have the physical evidences of this key which shall be used to claim our damages

4) hearing this none of their staff agreed to our concern and denied the warranty without any valid reasons. surprisingly their service manage mr manish panchal began to fight with us and seemed least concerned to provide customer support under warranty. further I asked him to connect me to their general manager who said they will try to cover under warranty but the chance are very less.

5) after 1 week the service station completely denied our claim without any valid reason and insisted us to purchase keys for a whooping price of around rs.6900/-.

6) at this stage we launched a complaint on customercare. [protected] mentioned on their website and found that no one responds to the customer complaints. later I was given a new email id customercare. [protected]@email. and was promised that nissan will solve the matter within 72hrs. since past 21 days every-time we receive the same reply from customercare. [protected]@email. stating 'we have forwarded your query to concerned department, they will look into the concern & they will contact you for further proceedings.' unfortunately no progress is made and noboby has contacted us to resolve the same. it is highly disgusting to see that it has been 21 days we have been without our car and have complained 26 times by email, phone and by visiting service stations about the deficiency in nissan's product and service but yet not received proper support from customer care. no authority from nissan seems to be concerned nor responsibly resolving the same.

7) on 22 nov 2012 we received a confirmation from another service station ichibaan nissan (kurla) representative called 'deepa more' stating that their service station will be issuing us one key under 'good-will warranty' which was also confirmed by nissan customer no.[protected] representative on 26 nov 2012. after 4 days on 26 nov 2012 the warranty was suddenly denied by nissan and till date no one has contacted us to resolve this matter.

8) on 21 nov 2012 we received a good support from ichibaan nissan kurla service station and they gave us an estimate to purchase the key for rs.1700/- against rs.6800/- by the torrent nissan service station andheri. it is shocking to see that andheri service station is quoting any adhoc amount which is 3 times higher that other nissan service station.

9) on 22 nov 2012 we had confirmed our order to purchase the 2nd key and were promised to be delivered in 8-10 days that is by 2 dec 2012. it has already been 10 days we have not received our new key and have been unable to use our car lying at nissan's service station.

10) since 19 nov 2012 we have been informing nissan by call and email to transfer our car from torrent nissan (andheri) to ichibaan nissan (kurla) but it has been 14 days and yet our car is not transferred.

11) since past 21 days we are told that by local service station that nissan chennai will resolve our matter while nissan customer no.[protected] representative tells us that local service station will resolve our matter. everyone at nissan looks helpless, hopeless and points the finger on other department like some government office. when we asked the contact of the other departments then they deny giving it and show their helplessness. by this way they escape from problems and keep the customers hanging in trouble.

12) all the about facts clearly proves the following :-
A) nissan is supplying faulty and defective products.
B) nissan is cheating its customers by denying warranty.
C) nissan is not equipped to show satisfactory evidences and hiding its faults.
D) nissan is misguiding its customers by 'good will warranty' and further lying on its commitments.
E) nissan has forcibly kept our car in andheri service station and not transferring it to the kurla service station.
F) nissan's customer care support is inefficient to satisfactorily serve its customers causing delay of several weeks.
G) nissan's doesn't seems to have its parts and causing prolonged delay in its parts delivery.
H) nissan's service stations quote any adhoc amount as per their wish and doesn't seem to follow any prescribed rate chart.
H) nissan is selling cars in market without having capacity and capability to serve its customers.

13) being a senior citizen (no. setu/sr/a/304072/2012), I am forced to face the following difficulties since past 21 days and still have no idea how long will this matter last. till date we have lost several rupees in complaints, travelling, following-up and ultimately badly affecting our business causing loss of money and peace of mind due to nissan's deficiency in product and service in the indian market.

Nissan Sunny Car

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