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I am writing this because of a problem we are now facing! I sent a moneygram to your company down in Phoenix, AZ. However, the statement came back with two months behind. We contact your company and someone inform us that u guys never received anything. However, i contact moneygram and they said it was cashed on the 20 of March, but u guys state that you guys dont have the money. I am getting a photocopy of the moneygram. This will take about 30 to 60 days. Upon hearing this I made a payment online from your site and got a confirmation number. However, I called your company to ask if u guys reveived anything but you guys couldn't found anything with the confirmaiton number. So I am waiting to see if u guys will take it out soon. I f not I will make another online payment from my banking. I had no idea that this happens offen. However, it seems Nissan Motor Acceptance Corp. is doing nothing to keep this from happening to another customer. I think Nissan should call customers if there going to be late on there payment since we received the statement after the 10th. Customers have complain about there payment never been received. What do I do when my late payment goes on my credit history...when its not our fault.

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      Mar 27, 2013

    this just happened to me i am being charged a late payment. never late in 18 months and now they say they didn't get the payment for March. having to stop payment on the check and reissue a new one. just a new way for the banks and finance companies to make money.

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