Nissan Dtlafast charger has been out of order almost 3 months

I bought the Nissan Leaf last September and have been using their fast charger to charge my car. In the middle of November they posted the "out of order" note and it still is NOT working. Every time I asked about it. they keep telling me they are waiting on "parts". It is mid February and they are still telling me the same story. They ONLY have 2(two) level II chargers and most of time their EMPLOYEES charge their Leaf or non EV cars are parked. So I can't even charge my leaf.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Los Angeles, CA They have 3 additional chargers across the street but customers are NOT allowed to use them. They tell me that the chargers are for Mercedez. I am seriously thinking about getting rid of my leaf. Do NOT buy NIssan Leaf. Very INCONVENIENT. NIssan does NOT care about their customers once they sell the Leaf. They ONLY focus on selling Nissan Leaf but what good is it if they don't even care about fixing charger and not allowing their OWN customers to use their chargers. What a joke!!

Feb 13, 2015

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