Nike / shoes

Islamabad, Pakistan

I bought a pair if shoes. It was in my car and car was parked in open area. Shoes remaibed in car for 3 to 4 days. Due to sun heat shoes are de-shaped. The soles are completely damage due to the glue melt. I didn't find any such instruction about the not keeping the shoes in sun light. I claimed the new pair and I was told that it's not the manufacturing fault.
My claims basis is that no clear instructions were provided for the shoes usage. It's abnormal that shoe gets melted in sun. The temperature in my city islamabad Pakistan went on maximum to 41 degree centigrade. Since its not normal that shoes get melted like this and the instructions were not provide hence I am claiming the shoes.
You are requested to consider my request and instruct Pakistan head office to facilitate me .
Shoe model is Run all day purchased in March (receipt lost) and claimed in September. It was bought from the main store of Nike in Islamabad in blue area.
Muhammad Asfar
Cell number [protected]

Oct 17, 2018

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