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Hi, my name is Jasmin Espinoza. I've been trying to order a windbreaker since Black Friday. I have no been able to be processed even though I've been trying for he third day now. I've called your customer service line multiple times & have waited for 35+ minutes both times. Once I finally reach someone they try to assist me and then tell me I have to go online and do it on my own. I've literally spent hours at a time to get this gift for my significant other. First your website was down, once it was up, my taxes wouldn't process. I have not been able to check out. Now I can't remove the item from my cart and readd it. I'm getting extremely frustrated. Not to mention I've had live chats as well. In all I've spent at least 3-4 hours daily trying to work with your staff and/or on my own to get this to process. I understand that you guys are having technical issues but your IT group hasn't even attempted to solve my issue although I've reached out multiple times. I would just like to order [protected] in Black/Black/Black/white. How and when will these issues be resolved? I would be ordering elsewhere by now if he didn't specify he wanted Nike. The unprofessionalism is overwhelming seeing how holidays are here and they never change date.

Nov 26, 2017

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