Nikedelivery of shoes as promised by nike staff member

Hi There,

Date of Incident -30/11/2018
At - NIKE Orlando International
Product - WMNS AIR Max 95 8.5 - rose gold/pink

I was on work trip to Disneyworld and had a day of shopping at the outlets. My Daughter had asked for a pair of Nike AIR max in rose pink for Christas and so I asked Rahleigh, the supervisor at NIKE International there if they had them. He said no but that they could get them for me. I explained I was leaving for Australia on Monday 3rd and needed them by 12 and they said not a problem for 25 dollars they would be delivered next day or Saturday to my resort.

I was so impressed with the can do attitude that I complimented Rahleigh and he bought the manager out so I could also pass on a congratulations for the great services. I think a guy called Trevor completed the payment and delivery side of things. (They were great there and had fantastic energy but I still think they also held the responsibility for my order.)

So Saturday came - no shoes - we were out for 12 hours each day with no American sim card - I kept checking the delivery tracking status online which didn't change at all. I patiently waited until Monday morning to start to find out what had happened.
I used an American work colleauges phone.
Ragliegh told me there was nothing they could do and this was a fed ex issue - However I was told by the Nike customer service people that I called after Raghliegh could not help or even called FedEx and try to hurry on the shoes as I was leaving at 12, that the reason FedEx had not got them to me the next day was that the shoes had missed the Friday cut off time for next day delivery.

The customer service frontline staff could also not help me and so I spoke with a manager there who then also said they could not help me, call Fedex, arrange delivery in time or if that did not work send the shoes to Australia. She offered to refund the next day fee of 25 dollars, which occurred, and then offered to refund the shoes.

This was not a solution as I had already invested time at the store, time checking the delivery status every couple of hours and then one hour on the phone to NIKE for what no shoes and no Christmas present ?

I have now had to get a work colleague I had only just met and used their phone to drive to the resort, pick the shoes up and she is now awaiting the next step which I will now have to spend my first day back at work figuring out. I have no idea about national and international shipping to AUS and would not have bought the shoes that day if this is what I would have to do.
They were not sale shoes and cost my over 250 AUS.

I am really upset as I though to myself at the NIKE shop - wow this customer service is to good to be true ! and it turns our it was. No solution, hours of my time now to send here and the thing I am most upset with was that no one took responsibility and fixed the problem.

I have worked in customer service for many years and if I was Ragliegh, or the NIKE customer service line, I would have got a taxi or courier to pick the shoes up and in my lunch hour gone down and posted them myself, even if my company couldn't because I had promised the person, that is integrity.

I also would have been checking the order to make sure it arrived, even if I wasn't working, and problem solved on the Saturday so that there was time to get them there, again, even if I had to drive them myself.

So what solution would I like - the shoes here by Christmas at no cost to me.

I will send the address if you agree and if not my extend family and I will never buy another NIKE product as long as we live as this is just not good enough for a full price product or in fact for any priced product if you promise a customer that you can do something like deliver the next day.

Sybilla Wilson

EMAIl details below-

Sent: Tuesday, 4 December 2018 12:03 PM
To: Sybilla Wilson
Subject: Order Delivered ( #S004X00022A3562)

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WMNS AIR MAX 95, 8.5

Size 8.5

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Nov 30, 2018

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Dec 08, 2018

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