I will not buy Nike ever again if Kaepernick is the face of your new advertising campaign. I have 10 pair of athletic walking/tennis shoes that I love matching with all of my shirts. I have also all Nike dry fit golf shirts. What a shame. I know my small complaint wont make a difference, but it should. A horrible idea by the company. This man has never struggled in life or been any sort of good example for anyone. He grew up privileged.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Saginaw, MI When he couldn't cut it in the NFL he decided to start this silent protest. Most of these guys have no idea what they are kneeling for. I can't believe a company like Nike would back this protest. Maybe you should consider giving all the money you going to pay Colin to charities, with a special focus on police and veterans. The people who give everything for others instead of a guy who gives nothing. Don't forget Colin also tried to sue the NFL because he needed money.

Sep 03, 2018

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