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New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) / lack of accessibility by phone

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I live in harlem and the nycha office is located at 55 west 125th street. I am a disabled individual that requires the use of a walker in order to get around and take care of my business. Through section 8, I planned on relocating to the second floor in my building which has no elevator. I am currently living on the 4th floor. I cannot move anywhere else because of my credit. My credit is so bad that no one will take me even though i'm disabled. So, in order not to waste the section 8, I opted to move to the second floor in my building. I went last tuesday to take back my section 8 papers and my section8 housing assistant, ms. Dejesus checked through my paperwork and found that the information she has on my building in the computer didn't match up with the information the landlord supplied on the w-9 forms regarding tax i. D. , ss# and so forth. She printed out the information and told me to tell the landlord to copy the information from the printout onto the fresh w-9 forms that were supplied. Therefore, my package was not accepted until the information on the w-9 forms were corrected. I went the same day to the landlord and explained the problem in the discrepency of the information supplied on the w-9 forms and what section 8 had in their computers. The landlord discovered what the problem was. It was explained to me that central harlem mutual (The landlord) has four different cubicles in regards to the buildings that they own. For example, my building is central harlem mutual, hdfc, the buildings on bradhurst avenue is under central harlem mutual, lp. The property manager offered to hold on to the w-9 forms and call the section 8 housing assistant, ms. Dejesus and explain the mix up and see if the w-9 forms can be sent via fax. The property manager had tried without success to contact ms. Dejesus from last wednesday until today. I myself even tried to contact ms. Dejesus without success. I also tried to call ms. Dejesus' supervisor, ms. White and no one answered the phone. Now, I have to go to the landlord tomorrow and pick up the forms and hope that section 8 will accept them with regards to the new information supplied on the forms. My landlord's office is located in the basement of 234 bradhurst avenue and there's no elevator, so, it's hell getting down and up the stairs again with the walker. The complaint is that the housing assistant, nor the supervisor is accessible like they should be via telephone. Is there someone within the housing authority I can submit this complaint to so that my case can forge ahead so that I can relocate to the second floor?


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  25th of Nov, 2008
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I have had this apartment availible for rent for the last two months, waiting for a young lady and her to little girls to move in with their section 8 transfer.The first month she was brought to me by a realitor she explain to me how poor the condictions were wher her section 8 was paying.She spoke about how poor the restroom was the lack of good heat and who the little girl were alway sick do to the heat issue.And the the fact that the landlord didnt care about the repairs and he was alway bothering her because of her complains.I understood and told her I would rent her my apartment because she and the girls loved the renenovations the new kitchen restroom nice refurbished hard wood floors and the space the apartment offered.That was in september.The following month I didnt here from the inspector till oct 28 he stated he would be their on the 29 between 8am and 4pm, I asked Him to call to make sure I was their and no one wasted there time and He didnt call till he was at the door, with and atitude yelling and talking to me like I was his step child.I shook it of yet I didnt think that would be enough time for the to finsih the paper work so the the family could move in by the first being it was so late in the month for and inspection but.Its seem to me like it was a setup for this deal to fall threw the cracks from what Im seeing dealing with section8 for the first time.

Well Now its Nov I get a call on the 24th say he was coming again between 8am and 9pm and he was not calling.I thought oh well that must be how they do bussiness so that that I'll be waiting their goods my day again.I wakeup aroung 6am at 745am I go across the street to get a cup of coffee.My cell phone rings at 755am its the inspector saying he's at the front door and He seem very upset.I rush back across the street to the house where theirs a man standing in my hall way.I ask what time it was and he then started yelling and saying that he didnt have time for this sh!t and if I was going to let him in to inspect the apartment or he would leave.I ask his name he gave no answerand began yelling bizzar things again.I said to this man why are you acting in this manner when I havent done or said anything to desevre this treatment what wrong.He replyed just open the door so could do the inspection.Never once did he identify Him self.

So I should him the place.He looked around and while looking he make a few comments one was about the radiators not haveing a gromit around the pipe on the floor.And the a part of the floor had to be replaced which was only a spot that was hard to reach in a conner behind the radiator that I was on able to reach.I thought OK.And made another comment about the valve knobs being old.

After this I asked if the place had passed of failed.He reply speak to the renter I then said Arent you going to tell me isnt that your job.And Boy did he get upset.I aw he was upset so I asked Him what his name was he reply why do you want me name.I said is their a problem and why cant you tell me your name, he turn his back to me and started walking out.Being I had my camera in my pocket I took his picture and he got upset again asking my you took my pic.I explainded I do know who you are and I fell Im going to have to make a complaint.

In 5mintues My cell phone rings, their another person the managerfrom his office I asked his name he said his name was a mr.Cauldestine saying I threadin the inspector.I explained I never said a word to that man I asked his name I ask him whats time it was and that he was being very nasty never reveiled how he was and showed up at 755am mad seeming to be mad because I was not thier when he knocked.The manager then said to me well didnt you know he was coming, which again I found to be again unproffessional.I then asked mr.Cauldestine what that Inspectors name was because the inspector later said his name was mr Sanders after he got in his car I took a picture of his plates mr.Claudestine said the inspectors name was something defferent he said his name was mr Coetosh. Could some one please look in to this matter and please get back to me.

The person who is in danger of looseing this beautifull apartments Name is Miss.Robin Fudge V#0471173, case worker is mrs.Hill or mrs. Spinger.I am mr.Cooke.

Sorry for this issue.Thanks Marvin Cooke 9176428180 please call.
  29th of Aug, 2010
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yo soy altagracia roman resido en el 212w129 st apt 7a n y 10027 telefo no 16463681669
mi complen es este apt estas destrosado el bano es tas muy danado los cuarto estan danados yo ya puse mi tranfer en 4 30 10 estoy esperando yo no me gustas aqui del 8 piso vaja mucha suciesas de aguas ya inpecionaron el 8 24 10 y no hizo nada yo pago mi renta al dia no quiero vivir mas aqui yo temgo fotos pero en mi celular de pruebas adonde las mando mi adrrees gladyroman @yahoo.com la oficina es 215w127st piso 1 telefono es 2128657470
  28th of Apr, 2013
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My niece has a serious illness which can bring on tuberculosis periodically. Because of this situation we have been postponing apartment inspections. We spoke to section eight customer service and they decided to post pone the inspections. Then we get a letter saying this was last request to inspect the apartment .we called her social worker who then reached a supervisor and she explained we have been waiting for her to recover from tb state so she can have an operation .they can inspect safely while she is in the hospital . The social worker asked for accommodation. The supervisor agreed. Two months later we get a letter saying section eight was terminating her subsidy because of no inspections. The social worker called the supervisor who danced around the issue and finally said just answer the letter .the social worker answered the letter with documentation of the situation and now we get a notice totally ignoring the request for accommodation and saying they were responding to our request a new inspection and scheduling a new inspection in a couple of days. This is ridiculous. This have are making it seem like we are avoiding an inspection which is not the case.
  9th of May, 2014
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I had my voucher since April 12014 no one reset the website so I can sign up for one of the 21 development I call customer service they send the supervisor email and they reset it still didn't

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