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South Africa
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I requested Netflorist to cancel two orders because they could not deliver on the requested time. As I'm writing this - in much frustration - many phone calls, e-mails, I still have not received my refund. This is a week in waiting. I had two family members hospitalized at the same time in different hospitals and Netflorist could not deliver. When I called in to Netflorsit - one operator said that the banks takes two weeks to clear the funds - as if I live in a different country or something or don't know how internet banking work? This is just crazy - do they want to force you to still want the order? I don't understand this. They don't commit to a refund payment date - but if you want a delivery it will not go out until they have the money in the bank! They don't get back to you - and above all - they requested me not to phone in - they said have it in hand - yeah right - one operator stated that she is processing the refund - another said it is still laying in the in tray - not processed. I had to forward my proof of payments to 4 people - cancel the order at 3 - each time I phone in the system stated that the "order" was still active and not cancelled - I will never purchase anything from Netflorist again - and if someone is reading this - please rather support the local florists - they are friendlier, accommodating and if there is an issue - they try to resolve it - they don't hang on to your money and make you feel like a jerk because you requested a refund - go local - I did and I will never, ever shop at Netflorist again - I don't know if Netflorist will ever read this or respond to this - but word of mouth advise - they do bad business

Aug 23, 2016

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