Netflixcustomer service

Called in to get an extension on my bill was told that I wasn't eligible because my account had previously been on hold but never called in to get an extension supposedly made my account ineligible for an extension. So because I never asked for an extension and my payment was late THAT WILL THEN MAKE THE CUSTOMER INELIGIBLE FOR A &12 PAYMENT EXTENSION. I spoke to a rep named Berry and then to a manager named Carl who didn't even know the ID of HIS rep. Gave me wrong information regarding my account and I am not happy at all. Netflix doesn't even send out surveys for the customer service when they should. They also don't send out bills or payment due dates when they should. They don't have proper reps and "managers" that can give the correct information and have no ability to assist a customer. Why have managers if they have the same ability as the rep? Seriously considering keeping my $12 to myself or finding another streaming service.

Jun 06, 2018

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