Net10 Wireless / net10 cell phone minutes stolen by company

Union, West Virginia, United States

Here is letter I sent to TracFone.. Owner of Net 10

10-16-17 had 0 days and 14026 minutes on my Net 10 phone. Phone is only emergency phone, rarely ever used. But still does not give Net 10 company right to steal my minutes. I had that amount of minutes because of having the roll over plan.
Number [protected] serial number [protected]
Purchase minutes 10-16-17
300 minutes and 60 days.
I Live in rural area with very little cell service, so customer service always has to give me codes to enter into the phone to add my minutes.
That day when they did it, 10-16-17 it only gave me the 300 minutes. No days and deleted ALL the minutes I already had on the phone.
I spent 2 hours on the phone with customer service being transferred to 3 different agents to tell me I had to wait until next day and call back then they could add the minutes and days.
They gave the following number to call so it would go through easily, , , THEY SAID….
[protected] #8061840
So on 10-17-17 at 4:50 pm I called customer service at that number. Only to be transferred to 8 different people over a 3 hour and 21 minute period. During all those transfers and different representatives, they did add 60 days service, and 10, 000 of my minutes. But refused to add the additional 4026 minutes I was owed. They represented to me that I did not have those minutes, I would not have sit on the phone for over 5 hours trying to get what I had paid for if they were not previously on there. I finally hung up the phone at 8:21 pm on 10-17-17.

Thieves……………… your company has stolen 4026 minutes from me and will not give me my minutes I paid for nor will you give me back my money.

Patty Faulkner

Oct 17, 2017

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