Net10 Wirelessbring you own phone

D Nov 14, 2017

I went threw web site and entered info wanted to get the right sims for my phone and area. When got the sims did what I was sopose to. to set it up and it would not work call to get help after about hour and a half going threw everything. They said give it 24 hrs and my phone would be working. It did not nor sunday nor monday. I borrowed a phone to day cause it was still not working no service at all. After about a hour or little more I was told I had the wrong sims and needed to buy another which I said no to that and demanded to know how to go about getting a refund. I use net 10 for 8 almost 9 yrs where I lived. When I got the phone I got now threw a different company I hated the service I got and desided to do the bring your on phone threw you guys. But now I am sorry to say the service I have had since friday which is none and the run around and constent having to repeat my self I will never use net 10 again nor will my husband or 3 children. Also I will not refer people to net 10 again like I have servel times in the past.6

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