NET 10 / worst phone company ever!

United States

I absouletly hate this company! They ain't any cheaper than at&t an at&t has them beat by a lot! Id never tell anyone to join this phone company, the customer service is awful, I lost my multimedia msgn aftr I got wit them an they are the worst about just shuttin phones off at the least expected times, when you don't even got the choice to go to the store, an then they take ur number away instantly, an don't evn try to make things better. I had to call 5 times last time I needed a problem fixed, still cnt get pic messages, an they are the worst about answerin the phone, the first time I ever called them, I was on hold for over 2 hrs before I finally hung up! This company needs a lot of improoving! For sure

Mar 14, 2013

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