NeotelLte termination by force

Neotel account r000822086

Good day,

Below are the payment auto debited to neotel from out bank account, you can see in oct 2018 payment was deducted on 1st oct for oct and on 31st oct 2018 for november'18.

Why these people are lying and look like they are not reliable person, please follow up with them, there is problem in there operations or account /finance departments.

If you see for 2018 total 11 installments deducted. 1st installments for jan 2018 it was deducted on 30th dec 2017.

1/12/2017 neotel r000822086 -828.38
30/12/2017 neotel r000822086 -898.99
31/01/2018 neotel r000822086 -898.99
1/3/2018 neotel r000822086 -898.99
31/03/2018 neotel r000822086 -898.99
30/04/2018 neotel r000822086 -898.99
31/05/2018 neotel r000822086 -898.99
30/06/2018 neotel r000822086 -898.99
31/07/2018 neotel r000822086 -898.99
31/08/2018 neotel r000822086 -898.99
1/10/2018 neotel r000822086 -898.99
31/10/2018 neotel r000822086 -898.99

They have written below :

Thank you for your email

Account number: r000822086

Reference number: fcr_[protected]

Query type: account query

Kindly be advised that the amount that was credited was for the termination fee of the broadband.

The amount that is outstanding is for the kwese termination fee r823.99 and a service fee for the month of november, as the service was terminated on the 27/11/2018 and we did not receive the payment for november.

Please revert to us should you still have any queries.
Mmamy khosana
Consultant: e-helpdesk
Neotel (pty) ltd
Direct: [protected] or [protected]
Email: [protected]


Feb 13, 2019

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