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Neotel complaints 52

Neotel - technical - manhole lid

The lid on the manhole in front of our BCX building was damaged during your previous work activities and not replaced. The situation is currently extremely dangerous as everything seems to be fine...

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Neotel - bad service and signal can't buy airtime

Good day
My no is [protected] and [protected] i have 2 neotel k203i for 5 months i didnt have any signal it was showing searching for 5 months. If i have my phones nearby other places it show neotel but no signal sign. I stay in bellville cant buy airtime by any shop like i use to do. Every were i go they tell me they dont sell neotel any more. Can you please be so kind to tell me why i cant get no signal or a bad signal as well why cant i buy airtime anymore. I dont even know were to buy cause every were i try to by i get told they dont sell neotel anymore.
Regards natacha erasmus [protected]

Hi Natacha,

Did you end up resolving this issue

Neotel - Lte termination by force

Neotel account r000822086

Good day,

Below are the payment auto debited to neotel from out bank account, you can see in oct 2018 payment was deducted on 1st oct for oct and on 31st oct 2018 for november'18.

Why these people are lying and look like they are not reliable person, please follow up with them, there is problem in there operations or account /finance departments.

If you see for 2018 total 11 installments deducted. 1st installments for jan 2018 it was deducted on 30th dec 2017.

1/12/2017 neotel r000822086 -828.38
30/12/2017 neotel r000822086 -898.99
31/01/2018 neotel r000822086 -898.99
1/3/2018 neotel r000822086 -898.99
31/03/2018 neotel r000822086 -898.99
30/04/2018 neotel r000822086 -898.99
31/05/2018 neotel r000822086 -898.99
30/06/2018 neotel r000822086 -898.99
31/07/2018 neotel r000822086 -898.99
31/08/2018 neotel r000822086 -898.99
1/10/2018 neotel r000822086 -898.99
31/10/2018 neotel r000822086 -898.99

They have written below :

Thank you for your email

Account number: r000822086

Reference number: fcr_[protected]

Query type: account query

Kindly be advised that the amount that was credited was for the termination fee of the broadband.

The amount that is outstanding is for the kwese termination fee r823.99 and a service fee for the month of november, as the service was terminated on the 27/11/2018 and we did not receive the payment for november.

Please revert to us should you still have any queries.
Mmamy khosana
Consultant: e-helpdesk
Neotel (pty) ltd
Direct: [protected] or [protected]
Email: [protected]


Neotel - home data usage

Good day I am gideon joubert client account r000838645 1 palemino rd westriding table view cape town. As a neotell customer I have purchased a 25gig special. This is a 24 month contract. I...

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Neotel - incorrect account details for previous property owner


in Feb 2018 we bought a property and are receiving post for a business that has left the premises over 3 years ago a. we have contacted Neotel to correct their billing information and not waste paper sending countless documents to us . Neotel has the audacity to tell us to track down previous owner and get the information and then either contact them and update it ourselves or the get previous owners to do it . what idiotic procedure is that ? is it my responsibility to waste time tracking down their clients who obviously didn't want to be tracked down to their new address ? Neotel says its their policy so toughies its our issue to resolve ...

Neotel - unnecessary call out fee

I have just received my new invoice R000002572007 and notice that this is "debit adjustment" (very ambiguous) of R701.75 ex VAT. Upon calling your office I am told this was for a call out fee for sending a technician to site. This was requested because your equipment stopped working. we attempted to reboot what we could and fix this to no avail. As a result we had NO choice but to have a technician meet us on site.

Now I found out I am being billed for this when it was your equiment taht did not work as a result of the antenna not getting power and/or maintaining a frequency! How is it we get billed because YOUR equipment ceased?

In addition R800 as a call out is absolute extortion. This was NOT an unnecessary call out fee but neccessitated due you your equipment failing to work and our inability to have internet access.

I expect this amount to be reversed, failing which I will take this complaint to my attorney and ICASA and should the amount be debited from my account a case of fraud will be opened.

After being on the phone to your cell center for 1554 seconds and awaiting a reference number I got cut off.

Neotel - credit due

Good day

Due to Neotel handing me over to Nudebt in December 2016, for R1100 apparently outstanding, I came to notice Neotel overcharged me with R1100. I have been with Neotel since 2009 and my account is paid by debit order, my account was never in arrears.

October 2016 the Neotel website had a promotion on new routers, I think for R1800. I went to the Neotel Office in Bellville on 24 October 2016. Eubranesia phoned Head Office, they said the offer expired although the promotion was still advertised on the Neotel website. Eubranesia eventually convinced me to buy a refurbished router for : R1 100. They had no stock, I collected the refurbished router the next day, the 25th – see sales invoice slip, stapled to Invoice of Refurbished Router.

The quality of the copies is bad, I am sure you have better quality copies.
Sales Invoice no is IN0008561, dated 24/10/2016 at 03:55PM. Item : 1 x Refurbished stock router CDMA EVDO AF R W 80 [protected]
The Cash Receipt No is RC0006416 dated 24/10/2016 at 03:53 PM for the amount of R1100
Nedbank transaction slip as proof of R1100 payment on 24/10/2016 at 15:5

My Neotel Statement of November 2016, indicated the R1 100 payment on 24 October 2016. Up to this point you have all the proof that I bought a refurbished router for R1100, paid in full and took it home.

The Neotel Customer Application, page 2. In the Service Information block, the 1st column: the Device fee of R2200 is wrong – as this is not a new device. I bought a refurbished unit for R1100 – the Device fee should be R1100 please clarify this with Eubranesia Santi.

Due to the wrong Device fee on the Application the Neotel Statement of November 2016, indicating the RUIM_Enabled Device Fee of R1 929.83 plus 14% vat of R270.18 = R2 200 is also wrong!!

I was billed R2 200 in error, for a refurbished device costing R1 100. Please pass a credit of R1 100 – the amount overcharged on my account.

By 1 November 2016 the router I bought 24 October, still had no signal, see the 1st email. It was exchanged.

I am so disappointed with Neotel for not resolving this. I have sent numerous emails made calls, since Desember 2016, went to Bellville, but Mr Wiseman was too busy. I sent all documentation to Wiseman and [protected]@neotel. I recieved my statement, still no credit.


Elize Hanekom
Cell: [protected]
Account number: R000500987
Reference number: SREQ_[protected]

Neotel - I have been to hell and back with neotel overcharged bill

I open a contract over the phone for R399 the 25 gig special but pay +- R1700 for that same service from Jan 2017 to date made an enquiry was credit R1500 which I was not happy with The call centre clam I went out of bundle which my service get cut at 98/99% every month which I cannot use the service, but I went out of bundle according to the call enter. The invoice Neotel send need to be correct someone is not doing their job right and I am getting the short end of the stick. I have locked numerous amounts of calls and just got more and more frustrated.
The call centre or even billing or data monitor team need to stand a countable for their mistakes.
How in heaves can your bill go from 399 to 4500 but I got a credit of R 1500 that’s not been allocated to the account.
But my bill the month after is R4500, I really want this thing to be sorted out before it get out of hand, it’s a bit too late for that now, move my phone for 100 min last me a month to 300 min just last to the 15th of the month.

Neotel - neolink service

Good day, We SABT applied for the Neolink service in the beginning of 2016 and the project keeps failing for no reason. The Natal consultant was not able to give us the reason for this instead we...

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Neotel - keep on deducting money without any contract or service

Please people whatever you do never use Neotel. This is the worst service ever. The try steel money from me every month. The deduct money from my account after my contract has been terminated because of no service. I was emailing and calling them ten times a day for about 8 months. There send me an email stating that my contact has been terminated yet yesterday they deducted money yet again. I haven had wife with the for almost a year now. I'm with Telkom. But there no way neotel cancels you're contract. The just take your money and give no service. Please don't use the. Emotionally it has to taking a toll on me. They are useless

Neotel - connection

Still waiting… still being promised someone will call be back when I phone and leave lots of messages.
I was told an account manager will be calling me back before 11 today…
I have tried your contact number below, I get put on hold, and sent to voice message service.

We are a business, and need to have connection in our new office, whether neotel, installs a booster on our antennae, or connects us with fibre optic, will someone please get in touch with us!

I cannot get a new reference number over the phone.
I cannot get hold of an account manager.

It is already friday, I am trying since wednesday…

Men in green

Neotel - wireless 2mb uncapped

My line speed it is currently for the past 2 weeks around 293kbps I have ordered ‘n 2Mb line. I don’t even get a speed close to 1Mb

Can you please urgently look into this because this is much slower than I had with ADSL I cannot even send out emails so slow it is on my computer. IF it go on like this then I rarer move back to adsl

My Account number is R000825090
My id [protected]

Good day George, Thanks for getting in touch. We are sorry to hear this and have escalated this through to our team to assist. Please kindly message us for your reference number.

Neotel - Neotel phone and data

My two year contract ends 26 May 2017. I gave due notice to cancel the data, and continue with the phone. I received an email acknowledging this and that there would be no termination fee.

A consultant phoned me indicating that there would be a termination fee. She could not tell me why, nor could she tell me the cost of continuing with the phone. In fact I really don't think she had any "out the box" thinking ability.

Since then I have tried, without any success, to get answers by phoning.
I have informed them that I shall be stopping the debit order on the appropriate date, as I do not have any faith in their will to comply professionally with my termination.

Hi Lynn we are sorry to hear this, please kindly message us here or on Facebook so that we can look into your query and provide feedback on your termination.

Neotel - Termination request

I requested that my contract be terminated on the 10 Nov 2016. Since then they keep telling me that they will cancel the contract - each month they debit my account for a line that I am not even using and its ridiculous amounts every month ranging between R400-R600 every month. Where do they even come up with the amounts? On the 3 March 2017 i receive confirmation via email that my contract has been cancelled by Nomathemba Thabethe, Retentions Consulatant. This is only after phoning neotel every month fighting about the same thing. 29 April 2017 my account was debited again after being assured the contract was cancelled. Today I call neotel and they tell me my contract was not cancelled... I mean seriously. The telephone line was so bad the consultant assures me he will call me back to resolve it and guess what no phonecall. I have run out of patience - this is the worst service I have ever received. I am still being debited for a phone line I am not using. Every time I call they assure me they will resolve the matter- every time just a new reference number - what do they earn commission on giving out reference number

Hi Chantal, we are very sorry to hear about your accounts complaint. Please kindly message us here or on our official Facebook page so that we can look into your query for you and assist in resolving it as soon as possible. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Neotel - Low throughput on our fiber and high latency

We are still experiencing low throughput on our 200mbps fibre line and not getting any response from Neotel support team at all.

Once again FTP and speedtests and interface graphs has been send in several mails.

This is an ongoing issue now and not getting resolved and no answers are being given.

I am already cancelling our one line and if this keeps up the I will definitely cancel our 200mb fibre line with Neotel before year end.

Neotel - Impossible to cancel neotel contract

I have spoken out on every possible platform I can find and its as if it doesn't even phase Neotel. It is literally impossible to make contact with their accounts dept. I desperately want to cancel my contract with these clowns and all I get are promises and no results ever. It seems I will have to go to the bank and stop the debit order there. I am at the wits end. I bet driving to Jo'burg and speaking to them would also not have the desired affect. I would seriously discourage anybody from signing any contract whatsoever with neotel. It is IMPOSSIBLE to cancel the service. What are my rights if someone keeps taking money from you for a service you can not cancel

Good day, we are sorry to hear this and would like to look into this for you. Cancellation takes 20 working days notice. Please kindly message us so that we can obtain details and follow up with our team on the progress of your request?

Neotel - Useless!!! and this doesn't even help!

Useless!!! And this does not even help!

I am writing this again, and I know it won't even help. I am now cancelling by debit order with the bank and have accepted that neotel will never cancel my service and never refund my money.

Once again, and addeing name today! Erick simango and siboniso sibisi - 2 of the the most useless individuals on earth! Liars!!!

Good day Daavid. We are sorry to hear this and would like to look into your termination request and follow up on your credit. Please kindly message us here so that we can obtain further details and assist you in resolving this?

Neotel - My modem with neotel (Out of order) and overcharged on a capped data bundle

Date : 12/12/2016 to 13/01/2017 Client no: r000 791 309 Description of the incident: we were overcharged for 3 months (No refund to date) my bill has escalated every month even though my data...

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Neotel - Poor service. Billed me after cancellation. Would not call me. On new years day wake up to debit of r2000. Why???

Cancelled 6 june 2016. Billed for july incorrectly. Still emailing in aug asking for refund and for neotel to contact me. One phone call from neotel to collect equipment, which I refused since they had not refunded me. No email or phone from neotel since then. On 31 dec 2016 debited r2000 with no explanation. Client no r000772005

Service was extremely poor. And required rebooting once or twice a day. When my 12 month contract was over, I waited a few extra months until fibre was available. I contacted neotel (Phone and email) to stop the neotel service and debit order on 6 june 2016 (They require 20 working days) , they did not stop it in time and billed for an extra month. I disputed it and asked them, to contact me to explain the emails they sent me (Since all they did was attach a statement and did not bother with any explanation). No one contacted me. I was phoned to ask to collect equipment so I explained that I would like them to sort out the money they owed me before they collected the equipment. No one else from neotel has ever contacted me. One of the times I phoned (I have at least 2 service request reference numbers as proof) them they said they had a cancellation date about a week after I sent the cancellation email. If they are slow in processing cancellations I should not have to pay for an extra month.

Unfortunatetly I have changed email so I have to see if I can get the backup. I have records of cancellation date and subsequent service requests for my complaints.

I want this r2000 debited reversed and I want my extra month refunded and then neotel can please come an collect their equipment.


Neotel - No service, no communication, unfair cancellation fee, robbery.

Signed up for a10gig WIFI contract. The network was shockingly poor with the connection constantly dropping, I had called numerous times to the technical department then eventually gave up and submitted a request for cancellation. The technicians I spoke to admitted that there is problem with the network. According to their policy, someone was supposed to contact me within a 21 day period from when I submitted the request. This did not happen. My contract was terminated on 21 Nov without my knowledge and without any telephonic or written notification. I only discovered this when I called on 2 Dec to complain again that the network was down when in fact my contract was terminated. I subsequently requested a call back from the team leader, the call did not come. In fact I have requested call backs previously that have never ever come. I called again later in the day and requested in writing a notification that my contract had been terminated. I did receive this request, furthermore, the email I received stated that an amount of R 1870.31 is outstanding and would be debited on 31 Dec. I assume this is some sort of cancellation charge but the retention department does not take calls, so to date I have no clarification. I feel robbed, I have been paying for months for a contact I cannot use, to be further penalized without discussion or communication is even worse. Furthermore, I was debited the monthly contract fee for December despite the contract being terminated in November, so I guess I have in fact been robbed.

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