Neotel Complaints & Reviews

Neotel / bad service and signal can't buy airtime

Jun 05, 2019

Good day My no is [protected] and [protected] i have 2 neotel k203i for 5 months i didnt have any signal it was showing searching for 5 months. If i have my phones nearby other places it show neotel but no signal sign. I stay in bellville cant buy airtime by any shop like i use to do. Every...

Neotel / Lte termination by force

Feb 13, 2019

Neotel account r000822086 Good day, Below are the payment auto debited to neotel from out bank account, you can see in oct 2018 payment was deducted on 1st oct for oct and on 31st oct 2018 for november'18. Why these people are lying and look like they are not reliable person, please...

Neotel / home data usage

May 23, 2018

Good day I am gideon joubert client account r000838645 1 palemino rd westriding table view cape town. As a neotell customer I have purchased a 25gig special. This is a 24 month contract. I reside in westriding table view cape town. From month one my data is dissapearing and neotel technicians all...

Neotel / incorrect account details for previous property owner

Mar 23, 2018

hi in Feb 2018 we bought a property and are receiving post for a business that has left the premises over 3 years ago a. we have contacted Neotel to correct their billing information and not waste paper sending countless documents to us . Neotel has the audacity to tell us to track down...

Neotel / unnecessary call out fee

Sep 14, 2017

I have just received my new invoice R000002572007 and notice that this is "debit adjustment" (very ambiguous) of R701.75 ex VAT. Upon calling your office I am told this was for a call out fee for sending a technician to site. This was requested because your equipment stopped working. we...

Neotel / credit due

Aug 04, 2017

Good day Due to Neotel handing me over to Nudebt in December 2016, for R1100 apparently outstanding, I came to notice Neotel overcharged me with R1100. I have been with Neotel since 2009 and my account is paid by debit order, my account was never in arrears. October 2016 the Neotel...

Neotel / I have been to hell and back with neotel overcharged bill

Jul 19, 2017

I open a contract over the phone for R399 the 25 gig special but pay +- R1700 for that same service from Jan 2017 to date made an enquiry was credit R1500 which I was not happy with The call centre clam I went out of bundle which my service get cut at 98/99% every month which I cannot use...

Neotel / neolink service

Jun 01, 2017

Good day, We SABT applied for the Neolink service in the beginning of 2016 and the project keeps failing for no reason. The Natal consultant was not able to give us the reason for this instead we were told that the project was at risk for the 4rth time and it was delayed. We have sent Natal...

Neotel / keep on deducting money without any contract or service

May 31, 2017

NeotelPlease people whatever you do never use Neotel. This is the worst service ever. The try steel money from me every month. The deduct money from my account after my contract has been terminated because of no service. I was emailing and calling them ten times a day for about 8 months. There...

Neotel / connection

May 26, 2017

Still waiting… still being promised someone will call be back when I phone and leave lots of messages. I was told an account manager will be calling me back before 11 today… I have tried your contact number below, I get put on hold, and sent to voice message service. We are a business, and...

Neotel / wireless 2mb uncapped

May 19, 2017

My line speed it is currently for the past 2 weeks around 293kbps I have ordered ‘n 2Mb line. I don’t even get a speed close to 1Mb Can you please urgently look into this because this is much slower than I had with ADSL I cannot even send out emails so slow it is on my computer. IF it go on...

Neotel / Neotel phone and data

May 08, 2017

My two year contract ends 26 May 2017. I gave due notice to cancel the data, and continue with the phone. I received an email acknowledging this and that there would be no termination fee. A consultant phoned me indicating that there would be a termination fee. She could not tell me why...

Neotel / Termination request

May 02, 2017

I requested that my contract be terminated on the 10 Nov 2016. Since then they keep telling me that they will cancel the contract - each month they debit my account for a line that I am not even using and its ridiculous amounts every month ranging between R400-R600 every month. Where do...

Neotel / Low throughput on our fiber and high latency

Mar 17, 2017

We are still experiencing low throughput on our 200mbps fibre line and not getting any response from Neotel support team at all. Once again FTP and speedtests and interface graphs has been send in several mails. This is an ongoing issue now and not getting resolved and no answers are...

Neotel / Impossible to cancel neotel contract

Feb 10, 2017

I have spoken out on every possible platform I can find and its as if it doesn't even phase Neotel. It is literally impossible to make contact with their accounts dept. I desperately want to cancel my contract with these clowns and all I get are promises and no results ever. It seems I...

Neotel / Useless!!! and this doesn't even help!

Jan 31, 2017

Useless!!! And this does not even help! I am writing this again, and I know it won't even help. I am now cancelling by debit order with the bank and have accepted that neotel will never cancel my service and never refund my money. Once again, and addeing name today! Erick simango and...

Neotel / My modem with neotel (Out of order) and overcharged on a capped data bundle

Jan 13, 2017

Date : 12/12/2016 to 13/01/2017 Client no: r000 791 309 Description of the incident: we were overcharged for 3 months (No refund to date) my bill has escalated every month even though my data bundles are capped! My wifi is out of order for a month after having the modem re-set and several...

Neotel / Poor service. Billed me after cancellation. Would not call me. On new years day wake up to debit of r2000. Why???

Dec 31, 2016

Cancelled 6 june 2016. Billed for july incorrectly. Still emailing in aug asking for refund and for neotel to contact me. One phone call from neotel to collect equipment, which I refused since they had not refunded me. No email or phone from neotel since then. On 31 dec 2016 debited r2000...

Neotel / No service, no communication, unfair cancellation fee, robbery.

Dec 02, 2016

Signed up for a10gig WIFI contract. The network was shockingly poor with the connection constantly dropping, I had called numerous times to the technical department then eventually gave up and submitted a request for cancellation. The technicians I spoke to admitted that there is problem...

Neotel / Mifi

Nov 24, 2016

I have bought this wifi towards middle/end 2013 with data. At the time the date was supposed to last for a year, only to be reduced to 6 months later and now when I phoned yesterday you told me only 3 months. I have 32 gigabytes on this stupid wifi and cannot even get a battery for it with...

Neotel / Telefoon number [protected]/2/3

Nov 19, 2016

You are the service provider for a company that is harassing me with daily hang up calls. The above numbers were supplied by you to a company registered as SASSA Grindrod bank in Sandton. I receive calls from them twice per day on my business land line. Upon answering the calls, they drop...

Neotel / Neobroadband wireless

Oct 31, 2016

My NeoBroadband Wireless connection went down after a thunderstorm. The POE box had died (that's the thing that powers the antenna) I tried calling Neotel customer service, no answer after multiple calls. Eventually when I did get through, the person on the other end repeatedly told me...

Neotel / Billed with no service, cancellation a nightmare, management useless

Oct 10, 2016

I contacted Neotel last year Nov to stop a debit order, they did not stop it and as such i am charged a missed debit fee monthly. i then contacted them in March to tell them their service was not being rendered and i would like to cancel my account. they have not cancelled my account as at...

Neotel / Incorrect billing and pathetic service

May 03, 2016

I have been a Neotel client for a while now. My initial contract finished but I'm still on a month-to-month contract with them. I was contacted by a call centre agent who suggested we get an upgrade, however I was not interested in a telephone upgrade so asked about a router. He...

Neotel / Bad service and other

Jan 20, 2014

I got a Neotel telephone around 2009 after I decided that not to get a fixed line. Al went well and after my initial contract ended in 2011, I decided that it might be a good idea to move to a different plan. That was a mistake... The plan that I moved to was a R 99 per month special that...

Neotel / No service - then charge me cancellation

Nov 02, 2013

Was offered an upgrade after being a customer for 2 years. Informed neotel of the problem I had originally experienced. Was informed network had improved and would not experience any such problem this time. After a month of trying to perform the upgrade neotel inform me that they would...

Neotel / Overall service

Sep 05, 2013

People stand-up against neotel stand up for your rights. Lodge a formal comlaint at icasa and the national consumer commission. It has to stop that service providers continously break the consumer protection act and provide on top of that louzy service. Only if we want to slide into...

Neotel / Contract termination

Jul 05, 2012

Two years and 5 months ago i took out a contract with Neotel SA to run for 24months. This contract ended at the end of January 2012. In April of this year I phoned their offices to terminate the service as I had not been using their services for more that 24 months, meaning that they had...

Neotel / Disconnection

May 03, 2012

I have a neotel prepaid service and all of a sudden the 26th of april 2012 they just disconnected my service! Why they did that and who gave them authorization to do so, I don't know! It's my phone I have paid in full for my prepaid phone! I have contacted quit a few times for them to sort...

Neotel / Bad service

Jan 30, 2012

I contacted neotel wednesday 25 jan to order prepaid phone and data card. I spoke to megan who promises to call me back but she never did. I phoned back and spoke to mikal who then promises to email me detail but he never did. I phoned back and he gave me payment details over phone and I...

Neotel / Billing

Oct 31, 2011

I purchased a phone from this company they have all my banking details for a debit order every 1st of the month, since august They have not taken any money off and last month I had to phone them we confirmed all details were correct and they said it would Happen but it didnt. I got a phone...

Neotel / Illegal account

Aug 12, 2011

I received an sms in april 2011 that I owe neotel r14483. I have never opened an account with this company. I sent them an email and instructed that they sort this issue out. Kagiso moloto - executive escalation from neotel called me and said this issue was sorted out and I did not need to...

Neotel / Missapropriation of funds

May 04, 2011

Re: complaint / neotel / rudi herbst 1. On the 24th november 2010, I visited neotel cedar square to enquire about various business services. 2. I was referred to rudi herbst of treziscope cc, a channel partner of neotel. I called him and he asked me to email him my requirements, which I duly...

Neotel / Qiuck response resulted into more frustration

Feb 10, 2011

I was contacted by neotel within 24 hours and thought my problems were finally over. The main problem lies with administration. I was told that a document is attach to my account which clearly states why I wanted to cancel my connection. Now all of a sudden I must do it again, for the...

Neotel / 7 day cancellation and then handed over

Jan 25, 2011

On the 29th of May 2009 I signed up for Neotel and paid a R500 deposit. I collected my hardware and commenced testing. The connection was terrible and I then tried to contact the support line both via phone and via e-mail with no response. Eventually on day 4 I went to the Neotel head office...

Neotel / No coverage due to others deemed more important


I Arrived home last night to find that i do not have network coverage any more, this was no surprise as it was up and down the whole week, but was still able to use my device. Last night though i could not phone or use the internet. I bought and paid for a ten gig line. I had excellent...

Neotel / Overcharge


NeotelThis is the fourth straight month I have received the wrongly stated invoice. Each month neotel had apologized and promised to rectify it. I took off the overcharge and paid the correct amount as instructed by neotel. It’s never fixed. As the result neotel suspended my line twice for...

Neotel / They are quick to ask for money but fail to stick to their promises


Two months ago neotel sales reps offered me their device on a 7 day trial period, in which I could return the device if there was no service in my area. I paid the deposit and got the device delivered. I tried the device and there was no coverage for internet services. I then immediately...

Neotel / Network signal disappears intermittently


I am paying Neotel R 1000 per month for a so-called uncapped service. I live in an excellent coverage area. Network signal disappears intermittently. When it starts to rain don't expect any coverage either. No EVDO service. Only 1X with bad latency and voice echos. When phoning the call...

Neotel / The internet bandwith just gets slower and slower


I've had Neotel from about May now, the internet bandwith just gets slower and slower!!! Please forget about excuses for coverage as I asked about coverage in my area and was told that it is EXCELLENT!!! Now my question is, if the coverage is excellent why do I struggle just to browse...