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The internet bandwith just gets slower and slower

I've had Neotel from about May now, the internet bandwith just gets slower and slower!!! Please forget...

Signal of recent is completely unacceptable

I signed up with a Neotel NeoGO data card recently and during the application was told that the signal strength at my house is good indoors. During the 1st week of using the internet, I averaged a 60% signal strength. However this has recently dropped to some point I just switch off the computer because the internet is literally so slow that the page cannot load. I understand that the signal strength is variable and I dont always expect 100% signal but the signal of recent is completely unacceptable. I sent an email to Neotel about a month ago about this same problem and it was never replied to. This is also unacceptable and I request some answers about what will be done your side to solve this.

Very disappointed at the lack of service

I received my Neotel phone in September. I signed for a debit order to go off on the 25th of each month. Nothing went off. I received by statement yesterday and it appears as if I've been billed for Sept & Aug. Only received the phone in August. I tried to call the call centre last week to find out about the debit order, could not get through, either line is just silent or engaged tone. Tried again yesterday and this morning, still the same thing.

Looged a compliant on website on Monday, no feedback yet. I need to resolve the billing issue and also find out if I need to pay via internet or will there be a debit order.

Very disappointed at the lack of service.

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    adilnasir Oct 07, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hey Buddy..
    Please disconnect your services ASAP. I took connenction from Neotel and it took them almost a year to resolve an issue that was created by their incompetent staff. To top their loathsome services they started sending me lawyers letter. it only stopped when i threatened them with a lawsuit for intimidation and blackmail. finally Consumer protector helped resolve half of the matter and half is still pending after a year.

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Worst Internet service provider

I have internet through Neotel, or so i think, cause it is more off than on. It is pathetic and useless. it keep on disconnecting for no reason, then you have to try and reconnect almost ten times. once you are connected it is slow, dial-up can almost compete with this. i dont know what i'm paying for, cause their connection is just as bad as their service.

my previous complaint on here was answered on here. i did not get feedback or heard anything from them. i actually wonder if they have a ceo or is he also non existent cause they dont want to give his details.

i dont want them to call me cause they cant give you a reference number of their calls, i want an email so that i have record of their so called promises. i was promised an antenna to improve my connection, but because i was over the phone this never happened. they just try and sell their non existing service.

i hope this time i get some feedback or is this what we can expect from service providers in sa? they just want our money and dont care about you the client.

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    basharun Oct 04, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Glad I dropped them.
    I tried out their 1Gig package in December 09, but the internet speeds were so slow that pages timed-out, and the phone line was terrible. 4 Days later I emailed Neotel to cancel the subscription as I was still within the cooling-off period, and specified clearly that they should arrange with me regarding getting their equipment back. No response. Then a month later i received invoices and statements showing monthly subscription charges etc. for the month BEFORE my contract started (November) as well as December. I then sent them a stern email advising that I have no relationship with them, I don't owe them anything, and demanding from them written confirmation of this. A few days later I received an email stating that the account is cancelled. Sadly, that's not where this story ends.
    A few weeks ago, ie. mid September 2010, I received a statement again from Neotel showing the same balance from the previously received statements. After sending them a threatening email, I then receive a reply implying that the outstanding balance is for their equipment that is still in my possession. Goodness gracious!!!

    Anyway, it seems they've stopped hassling me (for now) because I've since replied to them (by email, as well as crapping on some lady in accounts who called me). I've simply put it to them that since they've neglected to make any arrangements to get their device returned, and I've been forced to look after it for 9 months, I'm holding them liable for storage charges at a monthly rate. So, what they owe me so far is more than what they claim I owe them. Also, they can only get their device back once they've settled the storage charges.

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I am utterly disgusted with this company

I am an existing Neotel customer(for now), their call centre no longer works at all - I got through once last week after dialling their number 37 times.

I have never, ever had a single email responded to by their call centre, also after successfully managing to log 1 call, which required a lot of patience I have had no feedback from anyone despite being reassured that I will be contacted in 48 hours.

This is absolutely ludicrous, I am utterly disgusted with this company, they might be cheaper, but honestly, I would rather pay twice the price to Telkom for something I know will actually work.

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Lack of response and the attitude towards a new customer

QUICK to respond, but total lack in following up with the query at hand. I logged a complaint 3 days ago they phone me the next day and say theyll report back to me that same day its now 2 days later and still nothing not even an email to stat they are busy with the request for my Data Usage for the current month. I know they havent yet built the program or section to allow customers to view thier data usage online, but when im told theyll get back to me and never do, it makes you wonder what the hell is going on there and if they even care about the first complaint...

Very disappointed, in the lack of response and the attitude towards a new customer...!

Neotel's anti disclosure and lack of service

We installed Neotel as we were desparate for Internet. On the first day we realised the speed was not adequate. After many phone calls and spending more money on installing an aerial, the service was just not up to speed. I did not get 1 agent nor technician calling me or coming to assess the problem. Further, there is no documentation to say that Neotel will continue charging for Bandwidth over and above the allocated CAP. Surely this is illegal and governed by ICASA. We received a massive bill from Neotel of over 11, 000 for 2 months. To top it off, you cant even check your balance online, you have to phone the call center and waste valuable time. I emailed and phoned and as of today i have still not got any reply to my request! This is absolutely disgusting!

Today I received an email from Neotel demanding payment of this money. All they want is to collect money. I promise that i will convince everyone i know to stay well away from Neotel even those people that are fairly happy. I urge everyone else to do the same.

I really hope this email justifies a reply from Neotel. Such a big corporate should definitely give better service.

I thought telkom were bad, however this lot are even worse

I upgraded my contract for the start of september to the prime product. This is supposed to be a high speed internet service, however in the last few days it has been slower than dial-up! Yesterday I phoned them and told them that for 3 days I could not even download my email (Only 11 mb) because the service was too slow. They told me they would look into it. Hey presto, it speeded up within about 30 mins.

However, since yesterday afternoon I have not been able to connect to the internet at all. Even my phone service is dead - even though the signal seems to be ok on the handset. I am still waiting for neotel to phone me back. I have spoken to them 5 times now, and they just fob me off and do nothing. I basically do not have any service at all. They don't care. It has been almost a day without any service.In my opinion, this is close to fraud, because as far as I can see, my computer and phone are not working because they are prevented from doing so by neotel themselves.

I thought telkom were bad, however this lot are even worse!

Rejected my application saying I can't afford it

I tried applying for their prime uncapped package at r999 and was told the only package their credit analysis system and, after escalating it, credit manager would approve me for is their r99 lite package!?!

I have enough credit card credit to pay for all 24 months worth of the service. I'm in the top 6% of earners in the country and have no bad credit history even if it is a short one (3 years). I have offered to put down a deposit but to no avail.

Am I supposed to accept that my refusal to be tied down to a cell phone contract or have any clothing store cards and keeping a positive balance on my credit cards is going to result in companies not wanting to give me credit?

To the neotel representative: the call centre escalated my application and came back to me saying there was nothing they could do so don't tell me to call it again. I've read your previous copy and paste messages.

No service from the alternative service

The problems now being encountered with the lack of service (which is practically non-existent) provided by Neotel are horrendous, to say the least.

About two weeks ago, Base Station upgrades were being done during the day. This meant that one continually had to switch off the router for extended periods of time so as to reacquire a signal from a reliable base station.

This week has been a nightmare as there appears to be a problem on the Neotel network after the hop from the IP address, I’ve contacted the call center regarding the problem and was told that there was no problem on the Neotel network and that it was functionally optimally, whatever that may mean. I was assured that my concern would be escalated and since support functioned 24 hours, I would be contacted regarding the feedback.

It is now a day later, no call, no e-mail & the call center number, [protected], is permanently engaged. I tried phoning [protected] and asked to be put through to technical support, this just rings endlessly and no one ever answers.

My conclusion and warning to people considering implementing this form of connectivity from Neotel, is DON’T.

I am am so sorry for ever signing up with this company

Its been almost a month since my unit arrived, my emails still not working. I had to resort to opening a gmail account. Managers phone, guarantee that an techncian will come out to resolve my speed. This person arrives 2weeks later provides me with an antenna and the speed is still not the fastest I signed up for. Im running at 56k like the old modems did. Im paying over r800 practically for a 56k speed (Sheesh). Modems dont even cost that amount people.

I am am so sorry for ever signing up with this company as their promises are as shocking as the products and service they deliver. This matter is not going to stand with me anymore and will be given to icasa to investigate the matter. I gave neotel the benefit of the doubt but I was wrong and will never refer any person to them. Telkom was bad but when you used the net it didnt take 10mins to load '1 single page' yes 1 page.In that time I made 2 cups of coffee, drank them and still waited a while, and only then it loaded.

Shocking shocking - I was told the speed is superb in bryanston, nonsense I tell you. Neotel you will get your product back and will be hearing from me again. Thank you for all the headaches caused!!!

I have moved since I got the neotel service and my new home doesn't have any signal

I have moved since I got the neotel service and my new home doesn't have any signal. I phone neotel to try to get them to send someone to come and see if I would have reception if they put up an antenna (I know I would because I tested it with a small ****py antenna and got some signal). I talked to the person and after holding on for while, they came to the conclusion that there is no signal where I am staying, without sending someone to come and check. So the person said that I would have to cancel my service.

He logged my cancelation request and gave me a reference number and said that someone will phone me to confirm this and that I should just send their customer service an email as well. I did this and no one has phoned me. I want them to cancel my service so that I can start looking for another service provider that will be able to help me in my area, but what really ****** me off is the fact that they did not cancel my service and now I had to pay for a month that I could not use the device.

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    365 Moves Aug 12, 2019
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I / we have tried to have our business contact number ported from neotel to Mweb and there has been no response from neotel when requested from Vodacom or Mweb.
    Neotel does not respond and it is impossible to get staff at neotel to answer the phones.
    No hope for neotel it seems

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